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Aliases: allyourbaseman08
Interests: Video games, fangaming, art
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Grant is a MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on November 1st, 2006 after lurking for a couple weeks. He started out very popular, in part due to his long and detailed introduction post in the General Chat here.

He kept his popularity for a long time on MFGG, but eventually fell into disfavor with many members for various reasons.


Grant started on a major Mario fangame project. It has no working title yet, but is planned to be a full-length Mario platformer, similar to Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, and featuring new power-ups as well as concepts borrowed from various Mario games. This game has not yet been shown to the public.

He has also started on a 3D Mario fangame made in Game Maker, which largely uses sprites instead of models. This has arguably been his most popular project. Its working title is "Super Mario 3D".

He has been in several competitions so far. He plans on submitting his first minigame competition entry, "Mario's Coin Lure", to the site eventually, after adding more levels, items, and possibly enemies to it. A later Minigame Comp entry, Little Cheep's Coin Chase, got him 1st place in the competition and is now on the main site.

Grant has also attempted to help the administration on the MFGG message board by contacting them of a potential problem or starting a discussion on a certain issue that would benefit the forums. He has been a noticeable contributor to the MFGG Wiki, doing things such as updating information, redirecting articles, and reverting vandalism.

Personality and History

Grant has long been a controversial figure on MFGG (though mainly on the forums, as opposed to the main site). For much of his stay many members have made no secret of their negative feelings towards him, though for varying reasons. Many of the reasons Grant himself would agree are valid, though others he would dispute.

At first Grant was warmly welcomed to the boards, since he was considered by many to be one of the few intelligent members new to the boards in that time period (which was a time of many dupe accounts), and indeed he made many posts then that were judged to be high-quality. It was noted since early on, however, that his posts were frequently written in a very lengthy and in-depth style, and this continued long afterward (perhaps even to the present day).

The first disastrous event Grant got involved in that lowered some people's opinion of him, was the 4chan Attack, in which he severely lost his temper and probably came close to receiving a warn. It is arguable that he never fully recovered from that incident, since he seemed to be more prone to argue and less prone to stay "nice" and "neutral" about heated issues afterwards. Indeed, he became more and more argumentative over time (notably over religious and moral issues, in which he sometimes argued persistently and endlessly against the majority of members involved in debates). Indeed, this argumentativeness, combined with his tendency to make incredibly lengthy posts, is a large part of why many people began to dislike him (though others, in contrast, admired him for his debating skills and steadfast ways).

In 2007, Grant developed a history of consistently defending moderator decisions. He was accused numerous times of doing this to curry favor with the admins and mods, but has more than once rejected this as nonsense, bringing up as evidence the fact that he was conscious of certain administration team members disliking his ways, and asking why he would try to please some mods while displeasing others. He has said that his motive in defending the mods when they were under fire, especially Joey and Trasher, was that he felt they could use backup when "ganged up on" and that he was convinced that their decisions were overall correct (and also that he disliked the ways of their enemies, who, he considered, were only complaining about themselves or their friends being banned when their bans were in fact justly given).

Ironically, later on, as Grant (rightly or wrongly) felt increasingly alienated from the community, his attitude changed, and in some ways practically reversed. Following the demodding of Joey, he suddenly became noticeably less positive about administrative decisions, and this attitude did increase over time. He was furious when his old enemy and ex-friend Biddy was unbanned, particularly when the latter proceeded to troll him frequently and apparently get away with it. Eventually he ended up questioning moderators' decisions so often (as well as backseat moderating a lot, and arguably behaving in general as though he considered his own judgment to be supreme), that he was handed a verbal warning to desist. Since that point, he has largely disappeared from any sort of involvement on the forums themselves, however minor, with affairs related to moderation.

For the most part, however, Grant was a very useful contributor to MFGG, and was one of the better members never to have a staff position of any kind. Unfortunately, he seems to have left MFGG for good.


  • Grant has never received a forum suspension, and most of the time he has been very careful to keep it that way.
  • Grant has often been accused of taking MFGG too seriously, though he tends to reply to this by bringing up the fact that he has little, if any, social life outside of the Internet, and that therefore he tends to invest a lot of time and energy in Internet activities.
  • Grant frequently speaks up in favor of contributing to the site and forums (some might even say he shoves statements about this in others' faces), but has not contributed very much himself in a while, though he wishes this were otherwise. He attributes this largely to a constant state of having impending schoolwork due to excessive procrastination.