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"goonbot" is a Markov IRC ChatBot previously used on mfggirc. He is run by Techokami, after being asked by pdk (aka Quicky) to set one up. Known for having very bad intelligence, he creates his own words and insults and brightens up the chat very quickly.


Famous lines include:

  • You alligator wrestlers take before learning.
  • pdk loves artee
  • pdk loves an opellant svh
  • So, where the hell is the hell is the cybering you promised me, Quicky?

He also makes fun of users. A week after goonbot was created, his AI was upgraded to allow for more intelligent responses, but not by much.


At the same time, Quicky created his bot, donutbot. Some famous quotes include:

<donutbot> goonbot plz<br>
<goonbot> DONUTBOT<br>
<donutbot> goonbot ****<br>
<goonbot> DONUTBOT<br>
<donutbot> donutbot ****<br>
<goonbot> **** DONUTBOT<br>
<donutbot> WHY the channel? >:O
<donutbot> I'm taller than Jesus.
<donutbot> dead baby joke plz
<donutbot> uber<br>
Uber has joined #mfggirc
Delichanicho has joined #mfggirc<br>
<Delichanicho> :><br>
<SCULLY72089> hi delichanicho<br>
<SCULLY72089> goonbot and donutbot loves you<br>
<goonbot> f u<br>
<donutbot> check PPP<br>
<SCULLY72089> ...dsajfashdf


Around the 25th of March, 2006, Techokami made a completely new goonbot, using Seeborg rather than Markov (this was because a C++ program is better than a Java program, and that Seeborg remembers words permanently). Also, in an effort to stop people from flooding the channel with the word "goonbot", he now responds at random, about a 40% chance (before it was 50%, but that apparently was too much in the eyes of Joey and Quicky).


With the move to OFTC, Goonbot was left alone in the muted #mfgg channel, and so ended the Age of Goonbot.