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Giga Gamer

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Aliases: Giga, Giga Toadster, TerabiteX
Real name: Patrick
Interests: Programming, Video Games (C&C and SSBB),Web Surfing, Kirby, Toad, Yoshi
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Giga Gamer is a late 06'er who joined at the beginning of December. He tended to act like a newb when he first joined, and sometimes still does. Although posting in a wide variety of places, his favorite place to post is the Fangame Discussion sub-forum. He loves playing games, reviewing them, making games, and getting reviews, good or bad. He is totally obsessed with Kirby although he tries not show it.

His original ref, a guy with a yellow cap and a yellow tuxedo, was created by Makawee.


Giga Gamer is currently working on 2 projects:

Kirby Versus Shy Guy - A game based on the comic of the same name made by Peardian. Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom - A strategy/action game reminiscent of Team17's Worms.

Although he has other projects, most are indefinitely delayed until these two are finished.


Though not a great contributer on the forums, Giga Gamer has contributed significantly to the main site. His contributions include:

4 games:

Mario's Minigame Madness, The MariOlympics (Scrapped), Battle for the Mushroom Kingdom (Demo), Kirby Versus Shy Guy (Demo)

2 tutorials:

Cave Light Example, Yoshi Egg Throwing Tutorial

3 sounds

Paper Mario Sound Effects Part 1, Paper Mario Sound Effects Part 2, Paper Mario Sound Effects Part 3

and 15 reviews.