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| image = [[Image:GeneralGuy.png]]
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| caption = GeneralGuy's [[Reference|Character]], drawn by [[Hatman]].
| othernames =Clasified
| othernames = General, Jack Sparrow, Bob Hoskins, Willy Wonka, Masahiro Sakurai (dupe), Jesus Christ (dupe), [[Chain Chompa|Cocained Mario]] (dupe), moo (dupe) and around 100 other dupes.
| altgroups = Clasified
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| altgroups = [[File:MemberType_Administrator.gif|link=Fake Promotion]]{{MemberType|Greek Member}}{{MemberType|Banned}}[[Image:Banned_From_PPP.png|118px |link=https://wiki.mfgg.net/index.php?title=Banned_from_PPP |alt=Alt text |Banned from PPP]]
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| interests = Video games ([[Mario]], The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, etc.), Time Trials and Speedrunning, Glitches, Yu Yu Hakusho, CRTs, etc.
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'''GeneralGuy''' is an [[MFGGer]].
| badges = {{badge|shh}}{{badge|bighelp}}{{badge|submitter2|11}}{{badge|wiki}}{{badge|sprc|5}}[[Image:MFGG18.png]]}}
'''GeneralGuy''' is an [[MFGGer]] who joined [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]] and the [[Invision|IPB]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|MFGG Forums]] on August 15th, [[2006]]. He originally joined for the sole purpose of creating [[Mario]] [[fangame]]s, but is only interested in the online community at this point. He is mostly active in the [[Pointless Post Palace]] and [[Wifi and Online Gaming]] sections of the message boards.
==A Prelude: Discovering MFGG==
The origin of GeneralGuy's affiliation with [[fangaming]] dates back to sometime between October and November of [[2005]]. At this time, he was completely new to the [[fangame]] community, and his very first game was an incomplete [[Super Mario Bros.]] fangame, which was made in a program called [[Platform Studio]]. During the summer of [[2006]], GeneralGuy was working tirelessly on a game made in [[RPG Maker|RPG Maker 2000]], a newly acquired tool. One of his unfinished pieces of work was a game called "Mario & Luigi: The Crystal-Star-Mountain", which used [[Mario & Luigi]] [[sprite]]s. Although there were a variety of [[RPG Maker|RPG2K]] resource websites on the Internet with publicly available [[sprite]] [[rip]]s, there simply weren't enough to complete the game. After rummaging through several websites via affiliate links, GeneralGuy stumbled upon [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]] one Tuesday afternoon on August 15th, [[2006]]. He immediately found the [[sprite]]s he was looking for, which were uploaded by [[NO Body]]. He immediately joined [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]] and the [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|Message Boards]] less than an hour later.
==Happy Days==
After GeneralGuy joined the [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|MFGG Forums]], he made several threads over the course of a couple months that consisted of uncompleted [[fangame]]s, which were all cancelled. Sometime in October of [[2006]], GeneralGuy acquired [[The Games Factory]], a far more standardized tool used by approximately half of [[MFGGer]]s who made [[fangame]]s; the other half using a different program called [[Game Maker]]. Eventually, GeneralGuy released a [[fangame]] called [[Paper Mario World 2]] to the [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy|MFGG Main Site]] on November 2nd, [[2006]]. For a short period of time, GeneralGuy was involved with designing the graphics in [[MFGG Ware]]. Around the beginning of June [[2007]], GeneralGuy bought [[The Games Factory 2]]. With this updated version of his previous game making program, he had far more options and features for creating [[fangame]]s.
A few of the many [[fads]] and [https://wiki.mfgg.net/index.php?title=Category:Event| events] that GeneralGuy was active in were mostly from [[2006]] to [[2007]], such as [[ITF we are muscular trapeze artists]], the [[Pointless Supernova]], [[A Day That Will Live in Infamy]], [[Zombie Week]], [[Team Wars]] and [[The Great Mistake]].
On October 15th, [[2007]], GeneralGuy placed [[HTML]] code into his [[Signature]] that would embed the [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmtzQCSh6xk Numa Numa] song into every topic he had ever [[post|posted]] in, including topics in the [[General Chat]]. This lasted for approximately 20 minutes before [[Joey]] and many other members took notice. GeneralGuy was then immediately banned from the [[PPP]]. However, the [[Pointless Post Palace]] would exist for only 30 more days before being permanently closed on November 14th, [[2007]] by [[Klobber]]. One week later on November 22nd, [[2007]], it was replaced by the [[Casual Conversation Castle]].
==The Dark Ages==
The Dark Ages of [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy|MFGG]] for GeneralGuy began on August 8th, [[2009]] when the [[Forum Admin|Administration]] created two topics in the [[News & Events]] forum titled [http://archive.mfgg.net/index.php?showtopic=246864 End of the line (almost)] and [http://archive.mfgg.net/index.php?showtopic=246870 ATTN: New forum software], announcing that they would be abandoning the long-time [[Invision]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|Forums]] in favor of the first [[phpBB]] forums. He knew that this would splinter the community at the very least, as many inactive [[MFGGer]]s would probably think that the forums died and wouldn't bother registering on the new ones.
Day-to-day life on the new message boards started off inconspicuously, but quickly worsened when GeneralGuy realized how power-abusive the newly appointed [[Forum Moderator|Moderators]] were. They were suspending members for relatively trivial and petty things. Worse, the culture of the community seemed to be deteriorating rapidly, like a cancer spreading. Needless to say, GeneralGuy was caught in the crossfire, and a once jovial association with the [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|MFGG Forums]] quickly turned unpleasant.
On March 9th, [[2010]], GeneralGuy (then known as ''Willy Wonka'') reached a [[warn]] level of 100% on the first [[phpBB|phpBB Forums]] and thus was automatically banned for one year. He swiftly contacted the administration via e-mail and raised his complaints about being unfairly punished, but his plead fell on deaf ears.
[[File:Agent Smith.png|314px|thumb|right|Agent Smith, a [[duplicate|duplicate account]] created by GeneralGuy and a representation of the endless accounts he had created.]]
Immediately after, GeneralGuy began relentlessly spamming the [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|MFGG Forums]] with [[duplicate|duplicate accounts]].
GeneralGuy was finally [[permaban]]ned on March 12th, [[2010]], but that only made him create dupe accounts even more tirelessly. GeneralGuy was also banned from the [[MFGG IRC]] for plotting to raid [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy|MFGG]]. Despite being IP Banned from both places shortly after, this did little to stop him as GeneralGuy could register new accounts quickly and re-access both the IRC and forums using proxies.
Exactly one month later on April 9th, [[2010]], GeneralGuy made a [[duplicate|dupe]] (which would become one of his more well known ones), and presented himself in a "I'm new" topic as General. [[Char]] decided to mess with him, so he changed his name to "moo", changed his [[signature]] and [[avatar]] to pictures of cows, made him a [[Fake Promotion|Fake Administrator]], and gave him all available [[badges]]. Later, Char changed moo's member title to [[Greek Member]].
GeneralGuy had made so many dupes to flood the forums with (approximately 100 or more in total) that the [[Forum Admin|administration]] had to step in and mandate that all newly registered accounts be reviewed and verified individually by the administration before being allowed to [[post]] on the [[phpBB]] forums. It is believed that GeneralGuy holds the record for the most [[duplicate|duplicate accounts]] on MFGG, followed closely by [[Sergeant Jinpen]], who GeneralGuy viewed as a role model and source of his inspiration back in the day.
GeneralGuy's furious tirade finally ended on November 5th, [[2010]] with the announcement and events following [[The Split]].
Miraculously, GeneralGuy was unbanned on the newly opened and second [[phpBB]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|MFGG Forums]] after [[The Split]], which he ended up joining on December 6th, [[2010]]. However, he seldom [[post]]ed on the new forums due to a lack of interest, and was for all intents and purposes an inactive [[MFGGer]]. Things would remain that way for almost eight years...
==Redemption Arc==
On August 15th, [[2018]] at 4:16 PM, exactly twelve years after first joining [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]], GeneralGuy registered on the new and current [[MyBB]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy|MFGG]] [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums|Forums]]. GeneralGuy has changed his behavior for the better, and is currently helping the community by recruiting old [[MFGGer]]s (known as [[MFGG Homecoming]]), contributing to the [[MFGG Wiki]], giving suggestions to the [[Site Staff]] on how to improve [[Mario Fan Games Galaxy]], and more!
== Trivia ==
* Nominated for most Influential Debater of [[2007]].
* Nominated for most Helpful Member of [[2008]].
* The creator behind [[Paper Mario World 2]].
* A member of [[Team Heart Attack]].
* GeneralGuy is the only member on MFGG to ever be [https://wiki.mfgg.net/index.php?title=Banned_from_PPP banned from the PPP].
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[[Category:Members with the MFGG 18th Anniversary Badge]]
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