Gehn's 233rd Age

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Gehn's 233rd Age was a forum that was only briefly accessable on August 2, 2005. ShadowMan created the forum as a result of his recent completion of the PC game Riven.

To access Gehn's 233rd Age (which was named after one of the final areas in Riven), MFGGers had to guess the password. The password was "wahrk", a creature from Riven (the actual spelling of wahrk is disputed, as it appears as both "wahrk" and "whark" in the game). Upon accessing the forum, members were told to get a single thread to 25,000 views. It only reached 6670 before Gehn's 233rd Age was permanently sealed off. The forum was made inaccessable to all members, moderators, and even administrators.

The description was taken from the Wikipedia article on Riven's ages:

  • "Once many islands in a caustic sea, whose level was lowered revealing the coroded bases. This Age was the first relatively stable Age Gehn wrote as he was trapped on Riven with no way out. His previous attempts had all failed either because of his flawed Writing, or the lack of a power source for his Books."