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Fun With Despair

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Fun With Despair first joined MFGG under a different username in 2008. He was extremely active for his first couple years, gaining mild notoriety for attempting to make 100 posts per day, regardless of their quality. Due to the sheer volume of the posts, they often consisted of extremely low-effort trolling, flaming, and borderline spam. For many of the years since, his actively mostly fell to the lower end, besides occasional mainsite reviews and comments.

In 2018, he returned to being an active member, making much higher quality posts, and generally being more useful to the community in general, ceasing the mindless trolling from years past. Due to this reformed behavior, he became a chat mod in the MFGG Discord Group, and on September 18, 2018, he became a Comment Moderator on the MFGG mainsite, alongside Hypernova. Later on November 28, 2018, he was promoted to Quality Control and Forum Moderator.

Fun With Despair is also well known on Minus World, being a moderator and frequent content creator for the website, having spawned their popular "Killing Game", a mafia-style competitive forum game that often attracts people from other communities over to the site.