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Aliases: Vex, Kurtis guy
Real name: Kurtis Black
Interests: Spriting
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FrogJester was a member who joined both the mainsite and forums in 2006, going by the name Vex. He posted little, but would occasionally create the odd fangame. FJ ventured into the world of spriting, which made up most of his time on the forums. In 2007 he became more active in both spriting and posting, but has since left.


Frogjester prefers spriting over making games, though he has done some of both. In both areas, his early attempts were of low quality. His sprites began with poor form and shading, and his first game, 'Mario Wreck', was not unusual but for its terribly buggy engine. His following games were all scrapped due to lack of motivation, negative feedback and inexperience with game making software. He improved, however. FJ became a better spriter, entered comps, and, in 2007, created (in conjunction with Ravan) 'Detective Ravan - Case 1', a small Point 'n' Click game with custom sprites, an original plot, and involving rancid butter. Unlike his other games, it received positive reception, and was thus eventually finished. Frogjester created a new forum account post-split, but it has not been used since.


  • His forum account was once hacked by his then-friend Supermariomad, who earned him a temporary ban.
  • He has promised that he is working on another game, but, seeing that he seems to have left MFGG, it appears unlikely that it will be finished.