Freaky Mutant Man

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Freaky Mutant Man

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Aliases: Eggman Dr, Cuckoo Man, Tarka Sauce
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Unknown
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Not remembering how he got there, Cuckoo Man was at first named Eggman Dr and much much later changed his name to Cuckoo Man, then even later changing to Tarka Sauce. He cant really remember much stuff much, he DID make fight topics in the PPP which he accepts the fact that in there, he just "killed" everyone that dared post or not. He since has changed names to Tarka Sauce and Freaky Mutant Man. He also switched to a different character.

He has switched from 3 different characters, the first was Eggman Dr, which was Dr. Robotnik except with a blue jacket. The second was the most original, which was a blue chicken with human-like hands, a red jacket, sunglasses, a white shirt and a red tie. AKA Cuckoo Man, which was first drawn by Kitsune Yamato without the sunglasses or red jacket, and was why Cuckoo Man had a white shirt and red tie, it was drawn for the MFGG High fad in which the school uniform required those 2 clothing items. When the drawing was colored by Uber N00ber, the red jacket and sunglasses were added in as a bonus by Uber (Kitsune didn't draw those 2 items because they were not allowed on the school uniform). His next character was a simple stick man with a stomach that wasn't flat and wavy hair and a wide open shocked like mouth. Freaky Mutant Man was born.

Back when FMM was Eggman Dr, he used to talk "Like This Every Damn Sentence" and left MFGG 2 times, only to come back everytime, often leaving many members wishing he did leave for good (He was not considered intelligent back then, nor now). He was planning a koopa character at one point, but never took it through, "It would have been like every other Koopa, except with a purple shell and shoes and sunglasses." Said FMM just now. He acts very differently in real life. Sometimes FMM is spelled FFM. He is currently interested in C++. Hopes to become either a video game programmer and/or an wildlife biologist.