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Real name: Niels
Interests: Mario, Game Maker, Drums
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Plipiberke is an MFGGer that joined on May 28th, 2006.



Flipiberke was born in Belgium on August 15, 1990. He studied Latin in the first four years of secondary school and in the final two years he chose to do Maths (8 hours a week) and Sciences. He plans to become a Civil Engineer and he'll start his studies in Leuven at September 21, 2008.

He is most known for his game, New Super Mario Kart, which was the first 3D game that ever appeared on MFGG.

At the moment Flipiberke has temporary stopped creating games, because he is concentrating on his studies..

Flipiberke's First Game

Flipiberke posted his first game Super Mario Bros 3: Revenge of the Koopa's on 05/01/06. It was a demo containing 8 levels and 2 bosses. The game was scrapped after it's last update. The engine was too buggy and he had started on a new project: New Super Mario Kart.

New Super Mario Kart

New Super Mario Kart is probably Flipiberke's greatest creation until now. It is the most viewed on MFGG (26946 views) and after Hello's "Super Mario Bros: Revenge of Bowser" and gamester's "Super Mario Bros. All-Star Quest" it is the most downloaded game on MFGG (14248). Although the opinions differ. Some think that it's a deeply flawed game with a lot of bugs and a glitchy engine while other think that it's the best 3D Mario Kart game ever. The success behind NSMK is probably the high number of unlockable characters. There are 12 unlockable characters like Petey Piranha, Waluigi, Fire Mario and others. New Super Mario Kart is now scrapped in favor of it's sequel New Super Mario Kart 2 and New Super Mario Kart DX.

Minigame Competitions

After New Super Mario Kart, Flipiberke entered seven Minigame Competitions. His first entry You VS Boo for MGC#18 became a huge success and he won his first MGC winner badge. In this game you had to race against Boo in four different stages. The success behind the game was that you could set Mario's status at the beginning of the stage. You could be either Small Mario (which makes it easier to go trough the level since you're smaller), Normal Mario, Fire Mario or Mega Mario! Especially Mega Mario made the game alot more fun since you could almost destroy the entire stage.

The next competition was organised by Flipiberke himself and the subject was Halloween. He won this MGC too with his entry Boo's Castle. In this game, Mario is trapped into a huge castle ruled by Boo's. You need to advance trough 7 levels by finding a certain number of keys and reach the door to the next level, before time runs out. Typical for this game is the humor of some of the message boards that you'll find in the levels.

His next entry was for the MGC#22: Mouse Control. This lead to his fangame Big Bad Baby Bowser, a remake of the final battle in Yoshi's Island. You control Yoshi completely with your mouse. Yoshi auto aligns with your mouse, the left mouse button makes Yoshi jump, the right mouse button makes Yoshi shoot an egg. There's a huge number of settings to customize the battle, which is a typical trademark of Flipiberke. You can change the number of hits, time, difficulty,... You can increase your score by shooting the eggclouds and collect stars and flowers. Also the hit percentage determines the score. Flipiberke ended runner-up behind Toodles Team awesome entry: Wario Ware Mouse Works

The next entry was for MGC#26: Yoshi. Flipiberke entered this competition because Yoshi's Island is his favourite childhood game. Flipiberke recreated the melon spit minigame from Yoshi's Island. The bandits stole Yoshi's melon supply and now Yoshi needs to get them back. You can face either one or two AI controlled bandits. As always you can set the difficulty by changing either Yoshi's or the Bandits health.

MFGG was the concept of the MGC#31, and therefore Flipiberke created a 3D game called Smash MFGG. Here you face NOBody on the top of a 3D Peach Castle. First you'll face one, then two, three and finally four NOBody's at a time, before advancing to the next difficulty level. But Flipiberke never uploaded the game on MFGG since some people faced some problems because the game is in 3D.

The next MGC entry is Snowdodge. It's the only Minigame that has an average score of 10/10 on MFGG. The gameplay is simple. You need to dodge the snowballs thrown by Mr. Blizzards, but you get help from a friendly Lakitu that helps you by throwing helpful items. Mushrooms restore health, a Clock slows down time, a Star makes you invincible and a Ghost Shroom makes you invisible so that the Mr. Blizzards can't lock on. There are also two unlockable characters.

Flipiberke's latest MGC entry is Wario's Bomb Squad. This game is a remake of the bomb throwing minigame from Wario Land I. Here you advance trough 10 levels and you'll face five bosses. The story behind the game is the following: Wario's castle is blown up by Syrup, but luckly there is a game station nearby where Wario can collect some money to buy a new castle. In the end you score will determine the size of Wario's new castle, ranging from a simple Birdhouse to his original Castle.

You VS Boo DX

Because of the success of the original You VS Boo and because of the buggy and glitchy engine, he decided to create a Deluxe version of You VS Boo. In this version, Flipiberke adds four new levels, customisable controls, Mini Mario, an advanced engine and a new timetrail and redcoin mode. He first wanted to add all the levels of Super Mario Bros. but he got distracted by his newest project: New Super Mario Kart DX

New Super Mario Kart DX

New Super Mario Kart was his greatest creation, but the engine was glitchy. Therefore he started on New Super Mario Kart 2. But after the demo release, he learned a new way of programming. Therefore he scrapped New Super Mario Kart 2 too and he started on working on a new engine.

Now New Super Mario Kart DX is progressing quite well. Meanwhile, Flipiberke has released a Frames Per Second rate test, to check whether enough computers are capable of running the game.

He has also uploaded a gameplay trailer on Youtube: NSMKDX Gameplay Trailer

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