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It's FanGuy!
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Aliases: Ginse, The Green Mage, The Green FanGuy, Huepow, Fanny, Fan-chan
Real name: Ben Stachel
Interests: Courtship
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FanGuy or rarely Fan-chan is a well-known and respected member of the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums. He was a moderator at one point. He is second best known for the ability to render anything cute, including bloodthirsty atrocities covered in gore. He is best known for his blatant attempts to flirt with girls, particularly Salad. He was an inspiration to many artists and spriters. In fact, many of the talented artists and spriters at MFGG today revere to him as inspiration.

FanGuy and MFGG

FanGuy first discovered MFGG while searching for fangames to play when he was bored one day. Realizing that most of the aspiring fangame makers used The Games Factory (which he owned but never used much), he was inspired to start making Mario fangames. Inexperienced in the ways of using internet message boards, he later joined the MFGG forum so he could plug his first game submitted to MFGG, Mario's Mansion. His first completed game was Peach Strikes Back, which saw limited release on the forums sometime later. FanGuy had then made Mario's Mansion 2, Mario's Mansion 3, and Legend Of The Hammer Warrior (which was his current project before he disappeared). FanGuy soon became addicted to the MFGG community, and the rest is history.

FanGuy Past & Present

Original Character Design

One of the earliest FanGuy drawings

FanGuy's self-representational character began his life in the Mario's Mansion fangame series, a recolored shyguy ghost who befriended Mario and joined him on his many adventures. This character is well known for his trademark fan and obsession with ramen. FanGuy eventually became tired of this design, as it was based on a copyrighted character and unoriginal, and developed the human FanGuy character as he exists today. A few MFGG members consider this as a shame, as FanGuy the shyguy is (arguably) one of MFGG's classic characters.

Green Mage

Lester the Green Mage

Created for a roleplay, Lester the Green Mage was FanGuy's first attempt at creating a more human persona for himself, and FanGuy was known as The Green Mage on the MFGG forums for a while. Based on the Black Mage characters from Final Fantasy, FanGuy was still dissatisfied with this design as it was still based on copyrighted characters.

Green FanGuy

Green FanGuy

Instead of simply returning to his original character, FanGuy got creative and merged his shyghost and mage together to form a single character, known as Green FanGuy, a shyguy mage. This lasted for a few months, after which FanGuy returned to his original design.

Modern FanGuy

After much experimentation, a character finally emerged that FanGuy was happy with. Evolved from his green mage idea, this character features the color green, as well as blue in homage to his original shyguy. FanGuy also wanted to parody stereotypical RPG characters who wear too many belts in odd places, so he gave his new character a belt hat. This version of FanGuy still weilds a fan, although he is not often pictured with one.

Did You Know?

  • FanGuy owns a large fan in real life!
  • Aside from ramen, FanGuy is also partial to clam chowder!
  • FanGuy has two pet cats, and he doesn't hate dogs!
  • FanGuy needs a hug!
  • FanGuy has been known to touch the Thunder Dragon statue and survive.

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