Extreme Guy

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Extreme Guy

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Skylar and Extreme Guy
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Aliases: mariomaniac
Interests: Gaming, Pixel Art, Drawing, Game Development
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Extreme Guy first joined MFGG September 3rd 2006 as mariomaniac. He discovered the fangames in the main site and started to learn how to use Game Maker, he later released a game called, Super Mario Bros. 3 DX on Jan 3 2007, 1:08 PM.

On Jan 21 2007, 7:23 PM he re-updated the game and changed it to Super Mario Legends, Adding one level, fixing most glitches and changing the graphics. The game was unsuccessful though. He continued to receive negative feedback for his project and was on the brink of leaving all together, until he met Matthew9. They were both fans of Matthew9's Oregon series and decided to team up to make a 3rd game. A few days later, without telling anyone, mariomaniac left the site and canned Super Mario Oregon 3: The Mario Adventure.

On March 30th, mariomaniac returned as Extreme Guy, he reconnected with Matthew9 and the two of them started speaking briefly again, Extreme Guy found the message boards and joined. He then became good friends with Neopolis and Captain Flame Guy over MSN, and was included in MFGG Royale. In May 2008, he changed his character yet again to, Skylar, but was not involved with MFGG in any way.


Extreme Guy's character was a black Shy Guy with a large "tumor" shaped head with 4 horns and a ruby crown.