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Hanyou as drawn by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Hanyou, Hanupi, Fatyou, Donyou, Banyou, Espada Haño
Interests: Gmod, Gaming, Art, Randomness
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Hanyou is an odd fellow who joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy during the summer of 2003, approximately. The exact date of joining is lost, as his first post was made on a previous version of the message board. His first post was an inquiry about the fangame Mario's Mansion, and was quickly turned into an argument by Draco Icebane. Hanyou left at one point, claiming to have "gotten a life". He rejoined a few months later, and stayed for over a year, often making several visits per day. He then went on an "unannounced leave", for school-related reasons. He no longer visits MFGG.


His very first avatar character was a half-demon swordsman based on the lead role of the Japanese cartoon series, Inuyasha. His appearance was that of a young adult with shoulder-length black hair clad in a karate gi, with an overly large sword. His character design went through many slight changes, both look-wise and personality-wise over time, but the original characteristics were eventually scrapped. Currently, he appears to have the same physical characteristics, but has an almost completely different outfit; the most obvious difference being the lack of a karate gi. It has been replaced with a black t-shirt, white overlying jacket, and navy jeans. His sword has a completely new design, though it maintains the original's size, and he now wears a scarf.


Hanyou's personality isn't the most admirable. Although very timid during his entry into the MFGG Community, he began to overestimate his popularity, and became much harsher on many new members, and many of the existing members as well. After being neutered, Hanyou calmed down quite a bit and was able to actually make a few friends. He constantly played the Half-life 2 modification, Garry's Mod, with various other members, including Joey, Marty, Xgoff, Web, Shadowman, Jak, and all those other wierdos, but gradually moved out of that phase. Nobody knows what the hell he's doing now, but many expect his return to be grand and memorable. They're probably wrong, as he doesn't really care about the community. At all. Hanyou has been warned twice, both of which were for the flaming of other members.

Awesome Police

Awesome Police logo.

The Awesome Police is a group of several incompetent goons led by various persons, starting with Hanyou. The group originally started as a party and guild in Ragnarok Online. The trademarked phrase of the Awesome Police is "We Own Your Ass", always capitalized. This group is made up of Hanyou, Salad, Draco, Ryo, FanGuy, and several others. In 2012, a new member named Alexthespriteripper attempted to revive this group, as his new Newgrounds crew, after getting permabanned from the locklegion.


  • Hanyou is the one of the few normal members to have received the KFC Badge.
  • Hanyou managed to defeat Blaine the Train with his superior wit, skill, and genitalia mass.