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Not to be confused with Mr. Mario.

endgame, formally mrmario, is a young fangame creator. With his new username, Endgame decided to take the role of the god of game overs, and his ref is a shady humanoid figure with red drills instead of hands. There is also a simple design which consists of five circles on his face as well. Endgame is thinking about adding some more details (such as crystals jabbing out of his shoulders) on his overall simple reference.

Though he sometimes portrays himself as a diabolical villain, he acts friendly most of the time and his never received a warn. He DID voice his opinion a lot during a "rebellion", but he never meant for his opinion to attack the mods. More recently, he was one of the most vocal opponents of The Split.

Endgame currently works on-and-off on his GM projects, but he rarely gets around to getting a game past demo/beta stage.