El Huesudo II

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El Huesudo II

Stereotypes, oh my!
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Aliases: El, Huesudo, Sudo, Wess
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El Huesudo II is one of a handful of Mexican MFGGers. Originally joined in 2007.

On May 26th, 2010, he was promoted to Global Moderator to cement his involvement in the MFGG Improvement Initiative. As with Teddy, many felt his staff promotion was made mostly because of him being active on the MFGG IRC.

Most of his moderation work consisted in 'janitorial' activities (moving threads, mergers, deletion of double posts, among other things), and he contributed with a few bug reports and other constructive complaints. However, his time as a moderator caused some small problems to become serious because of his occasionally-confrontational nature, causing him to fall from the grace of some members (to the point where not even his resignation was enough for them to consider forgiveness).

On November 3rd, 2010, he resigned from the position of Global Moderator to better attend real-life issues, and because of secretly being unsure of his own capabilities as a moderator.

EH II has departed from the MFGG scene after The Split, which he was in favor of. Currently he is an active member of the Minus World.


El Huesudo II's character is a Mario edit wearing a sombrero and traditional Charro outfit, complete with the addition of his moustache.