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Interests: Animations, video games, working on projects
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E-Man is an MFGGer who first joined the MFGG forums on December 2, 2015. He later created a mainsite account on February 17, 2016. E-Man was first invited by Neweegee to join MFGG after the former considered joining after some time. Since joining, E-Man has become well-known for his outstanding Paper Mario-styled sprites and animations done in his take on the overall style. He plans to use these assets for a Web series.


  • E-Man is one of the relatively small number of Dutch MFGGers. In spite of this, he's actually an American currently living in the Netherlands.
  • In spite of E-Man pouring so much time and energy into an ambitious Mario fan project and originating from the Mario fan site, Lemmy's Land, he's more of a Zelda fan than a Mario fan. Examples of other games/game series E-Man's interested in include Banjo-Kazooie, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, Don't Starve, and Undertale.

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