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Aliases: DOODLEboy99, nsDoodle, nsDoodle99
Interests: Video Games, Doodling, Game Making, etc.
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Doodle is a somewhat active member, spending most of his time at the forums.


Pre-MFGG Era

Before joining MFGG, Doodle roamed the internet with his dial-up connection, using AIM to talk to friends and playing flash games. Eventually, his family made the switch to DSL. Doodle continued to roam until he discovered NSider, the old official Nintendo forum, possibly around December 2006. He was about 12 years old, and registered at the forums under the name DOODLEboy99. At NSider, Doodle acquired the reputation of a spamming idiot. After being banned several times, Doodle was permanently banned from NSider, a few months prior to Nintendo of America closing the forums, Doodle drifted elsewhere, joining many fan-made NSider "spin-offs." He did not learn about MFGG's existence until he made a mediocre SMB3-styled Wario and posted it at a forum called NSider2. A user then redirected him to a better SMB3 Wario on MFGG.


After looking around for a bit, Doodle decided to register at the main site on December 8th, 2007, the first game he ever played being Toad Strikes Back. After playing around at the main site for a while, Doodle noticed the "Message Board" link, and joined the forum on December 23rd, 2007. He eventually became semi-active, and matured (mostly) into the user he is today.


Through his time at MFGG, Doodle has never actually finished anything. However, he has a few projects he still works on from time to time.

  • Mario Bros. DX - A revamp of the original Mario Bros. arcade game. The graphics are mostly shaded recolors of the original sprites.
  • Untitled Mario Breakout Game - A Mario Breakout clone, making use of two screens; the top for the blocks to hit, and the bottom for Mario. The concept is to involve Mario running around carrying a trampoline, bouncing a Koopa shell while avoiding enemies and hazards at the bottom. It is extremely incomplete, even more so than his other projects.
  • Wily Tower NES - A "devamp" of the Wily Tower minigame from Mega Man: The Wily Wars, being made with his custom-made Mega Man engine.


  • Though he can draw, Doodle is actually a terrible spriter.