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Director of HR

The Director of Human Resources
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Interests: Hiring, training, compliance, and providing world-class employment solutions
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MFGG's Director of HR is based on the MFGG Awards account and manages MFGG's human resources. The Director of HR deals with moderator and quality control applications in staff hiring events. The staff can log into the Director of HR account and check on the applications members had sent. When the deadline for these staff hiring events have passed, the staff can decide which members should get their hands on the job, which is affected by many different things, including how well the application is written, how active the member is, and how well the member communicates with other members.


  • The avatar used by the Director of HR is actually Penny McCarty from the SIU School of Medicine.
  • The idea to use a Google Images-based image of an actual human was inspired by one of VinnyVideo's group partners in an Information Systems class.

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