Demonic Jello

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Demonic Jello

A Drawing of Demonic Jello by FuPoo.
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Interests: Drawing, movies, monsters, gore, etc
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A creature made of a jelly-like substance whose origins are unknown...

DJ, as you may guessed, it's a recent addition to the MFGG forums that has decided to finally join after watching from the shadows for a long what I've said

He visits the forum daily (or at least, he tries to)and has some friends there, like Stixdude, Tragic,Mario Gamer, Eno and Flametale.

He usually lurks around the PPP and Arts board, and is more known by his eerie and other-wise considered "Scary" drawings, which mostly involve all sorts of bizarre monsters, and his random bouts of insanity.

His current project is a MFGG version of Zombies Ate My Neighbours that he's working on with Morshu and Press Start, and hopes that it will be the best thing since breaded chicken/foie rolls

His character is though by some, including himself, to be a Venom-Chaos-Banette rip-off, but he doesn't care

He also finds tapeworms cute. And will feast on your puny human innards if you don't agree, though some members claim that they are not human.

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