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A Drawing of Delichanicho by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Delichan, Yurichan (Naoshi uses to greet Delichan sometimes), Deli ( Hikari uses this name mostly), Kei Ryota
Real name: N/A
Interests: Sprite Editing, Story Telling, Fangame Designing, Role Playing
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Behind the mask

Delichan was originally Super Snifit who came out of nowhere to enter a Sprite comp which he would come in 2nd place in. After this Snifit was easily forgotten and he didn’t want this to happen. So Snifit made a MFGG card topic which was a susscess, until the topic died. After the burying of the topic, Snifit was forgotten again and yet again he didn’t like this, so he tried one last attempt, he would sprite others. The only problem with this plan was that Snifit was a novice at spriting so the sprites looked totally ugly. Snifits plan would fail for the 3rd time which didn’t make him too happy and almost made him leave at one point. But Snifit didn’t give up just yet, he made one last attempt at being remember… but this plan made no sense at all. Snifit was gonna change his name to “Grand master snifit”. This name change wasn’t even noticed so he had no other option but to leave forever, and that was the last of Snifit. Snifit went to using mIRC where he made friends with Hushicho. Snifit liked Hushi’s style which made him wanna be like him, so Snifit created the name Delichanicho. (Fan fact: The name “Delichanicho” was created because at this point in Will’s life he made a lot of sandwiches for some reason. “Chan” was added to the name without a reason at all, but “icho” was added to make his name similar to Hushicho’s name.)

Snifit is unmasked

Snifit was unmasked to reveal a new face. Delichanicho made his debut on MFGG as a bald chef who liked to make sandwhiches. Delichan and his assistant Kola would cook for anyone who needed food. At this time Delichan decided he was much better at editing sprites then making them so he did so editing Burger time sprites to make his first avy. Sometime later Netbattle was introduced and sure enough Delichan would be there to test it out. He became gym leader of team spear which didn’t have a theme of why it was team spear… but Delichan didn’t care to make sense of it, he just wanted to battle. Fanguy would prove to be a challenge for Delichan as he was hard to beat… or for him he was. So he trained hard and tried to battle Fanguy yet again… but he was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile on MFGG a topic was made for a team rocket to start. Delichan wanted to be apart of this so he tried to joined with a lame attempt at being bad. Yes it was lame but he was still accepted, so Delichan made a change in his attire. His former white attire was changed completely black with four white buttons and a black chef hat. This attire is what would soon lead to the attire we all know and love. Later after quitting team rocket, Delichan became a gym leader yet again but this time took off the hat to reveal brown hair. This is when Delichan decided to edit sprites again, going through sprites from M.U.S.C.L.E., Hammering Harry (which were never seen), and Do-Re-Mi Fantasy. Milons Quest had to do with a little cute human elf looking guy who was on a quest to rescue a fairy. One Delichan finished editing a lot of the sprites, he revealed it to MFGG and they loved them. But MFGG thought Delichan handmade them when really he edited sprites.

Being foolish and dumb

Delichan was well liked in MFGG. Delichan’s first friend would be Bungalo which would bring him to AIM. Delichan learned about AIM because of Bungalo which was a big accomplishment seeing as Delichan was pretty dumb at those times. He couldn’t even upload an avy correctly back at those times. Another example of his dimness was the fact that he pretended to like someone in order to attract more attention. Delichan would make avys that showed his so-called love for A-chana which was stupid to doing seeing as Delichan didn’t know nor love this person like he said he did. This stunt did attract some attention but not exactly the attention Delichan would want. DxA was created to annoy Delichanicho and A-chana. But who was annoyed by this more? Of course it was wily A-chana who would be annoyed more. She was so annoyed that it got to a point that she would kill anyone who said DxA or almost said it. Sometimes she might even go off on Delichan if he were to laugh it this so Delichan would usually make his famous “o.o” face and stay silent. DxA has pretty much died now that A-chana is barely ever seen but if she were to return, I predict DxA will revive again.

MMORPGs and D-chan

Delichan was amazed at online games ever since Netbattle and hoped to find another one like it. Delichan didn’t find another Netbattle but he did find a MMORPG. It was called Maple Story and it would control Delichan for quite a long time in his life. It was so addicting that Delichan would annoy anyone who talked to him on AIM just to play. Over the time of the MS era Delichan befriends a girl by the name of Quickie-la. She would most of the times spoil Delichan by giving him money and stuff, Delichan didn’t really want it but he could refuse seeing as he doesn’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Some (Delichan) wonder if Quickie-la enjoyed spoiling Delichan. This era wasn’t a progressive one for Delichan didn’t do much then level up and makes friends. Now the only friend Delichan ever talks to that he use to play with on MS is Quickie-la. Because of the move to Japan, Delichan was force to retire from MS and move on. It’s questionable if Delichan will ever return but at the moment the possibility is slim.

Where I belong

For a long time Delichan dreamed to come to Japan and probably stay there for a long time. Thanks to his dad his dream came true. Delichan packed up all his things and flew to Japan (and boy, are my arms tired *shot*). When Delichan came to Japan he decided that the members of MFGG should see the true face of Delichan, Will Collins. Mr. Collins was of Latino heritage. He had a light beard and light mustache, some people slightly poked fun at this but not in a way to hurt Will. Beardochanicho was created to show how Delichan would look if I made him with a beard. But this of course didn’t last long so Delichan moved on to what he liked to do, sprite edit. Delichan edited sprites from games like Lunar Legends and One Piece, and he did a pretty good job at it. In real life Will is doing a great job at staying alive in Japan, everyone he has met pretty much likes him and if not that loves. In a year Will should start working and getting payed, when this happens it’s questionable if Delichan will disappear from the internet or not. But lets not look into this right now, I have a long to go before I have to make this decision.

GDA and Friends

When Delichan is online he usually spends most of his time at Kannagi Stadium. (Kitsune Yamato is the owner of KS) Most of the times him along side with Masakuni (or his clone as he sometimes calls him) turn the Forum Games section into there own personal playground. Delichan use to give out awards but now rarely doesn't. Not too long ago he thought of an idea to make Delichan awards a badge at KS.... but he never got to telling Kitsune or anyone else the idea. Delichan is on the run from the Marines who are after him for a murder of one of their captains. Only one man has been able to capture Delichan and that man was Lee. Delichan escapes again and Lee got his award for turning Delichan in. They both pretty much win. Another friend of Delichan’s is Hikari which was originally Sakura when he befriended her. People made fun at the fact that Delichan instantly befriended a female who acted noobish and thought that he had a thing for Hikari. In truth Delichan just thought that she would need a friend since at first some people didn’t like her much. The only time they really talk is on DA or sometimes on AIM. Since she is younger then Delichan, he sometimes thinks of her as a younger sibling. What's funny is that Delichan is in fact the youngest sibling in his family…

Devious D-chan

You're surely to catch Delichan updating his DA account with something silly like his sprite edits or now his flashes. Delichan loves DA for some strange reason, maybe because of the good comments he gets. He recently started making flash, sucky ones but flash at that. He has also started putting together his story that was under development for years. With the help from Naoshi (even if he does always start to mess up the story when I think it actually starts to get good), Delichan has created another character that has made yet another part of the story and has also enabled him to add some more characters to the mix. (Might plan on adding MFGGers). This part of the story is what inspired Delichan to start learning flash again and sprite editing in Milon's Quest style. Maybe Delichan likes DA because it's the only place he can submit his art.

Departure from the Internet

On Dec. 15th 2006 Delichanicho stated on his DeviantART he was leaving the internet for good.

"Before you think i'm leaving because of something that made my life horrible or somethings, it's not. The true reason i'm finally gonna leave is because I feel it's time for me to move on and become more social with the people. I leave the Deviant/MFGG/KS/Messenger world on good terms so no one feel guilty because of this. Oh and btw, the reason i'm leaving other then becoming social is because My dad left me in control of the house for a week which gave me a taste of how it would be if I lived by myself. It turned out to be pretty sweet ... but I ran out of money which was the only problem. I really can't wait to start living on my own and earning my own money, in my mind it would be awesome ... and if it turns out bad ... well anyone who knows me knows I usually think positive. I'll never see the bad part of things and don't think I ever will. To all my friends, I thank you for being my friends. If it weren't for any of you then I would of probably left along time ago ... the internet changed my attitude. I use to always think so negatively before then. Thanks for sicking around guys, and plz don't be sad. I will always remember all of you when i'm out living on my own. Bye ^^"

~Delichan (Will Collins)

Return of Delichan

On May 27 2007, a new journal on Delichan's DeviantART page was posted. It states to return of Delichan and revealed his REAL name.

"It's been so long since I visited my own devi page... or talked to my old friends. I don't really know what to say right now... I wouldn't even believe I was back if I weren't typin it. It's great to be back, you don't know how much I missed all of this.

Well things have been going quite good for me, i've been doing good in school, I kept myself from fallin into my usually laziness patterns and i've been taking care of my health more. Believe it or not I was on a cross country team, i've improved in sprinting and running long distance. I've also gotten to know the japanese culture a bit more then before. Ah, my mind is just overwhelmed with happiness... everything is just going so well for me. The only challenge i've ever faced was the challenge of not being motivated enough... but that's a different story.

Don't know if any of you guys visit my page anymore... but I just thought i'd write this just in case.

If you have any question on what exactly i've been doing then please ask away.

Oh also, i've got a confession to make about my name. Since I longer have anyone to hide from (sadly I had enemies that made my life a living hell no matter what), I figure I should tell you my real name. The names NAME REMOVED. That's about all i've really lied about, just my name. I'm still in Amori, Japan btw. Well guys, it's great to be back... just hope I can pick up from where I left off. Lol, i'm downloadin AIM as we speak :p ...

Delichan (Name Removed)"

Second dA Revival

June 14, 2011, Delichan returned to DeviantART. Claiming that he had bought a graphic pad and was eager to get back to drawing, he made a few journal post and submitted a few pieces of new art. This time around Delichan doesn't really seem to be the same Delichan MFGG once knew. This time around Delichan is heartbroken from previous relationships gone wrong and a current relationship that he feels might end up the very same. On top of that he feels he has no one that'll listen to him in real life. This truly is the fall of Delichan.

Return (2013-)

On October 14, 2013, Delichan returned to DeviantART (yet again.) He had since updated his DeviantART profile and posted a return journal.

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