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Dann Woolf

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Dann Woolf's favorite Pokémon, Darkrai.
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Aliases: Cadaverous Dann (Zombie Week name)
Interests: The Legend of Zelda, Danny Phantom, Pokémon, Darkrai, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Spider-Man
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

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Dann Woolf is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on June 20th, 2006. Dann is from the Netherlands, though is half English, and bilingual. He tends to be random, and has a short attention span.


Dann Woolf's reference used to be based on a one-time Penny Arcade character, but changed to a Final Fantasy 1 edit: Black Mage robes (recolored green) and a Fighter's head (with brown hair). He also has a Pokémon-based semi-character called Dannachu. Dann Woolf was an edit/mix/recolor of various Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy sprites. He's made an animation of his new character (which he refers to as Dann Woolf/Phantom or Geist) bursting out of his FF1 form.

After a failed attempt at a Sonic-styled character (V3.5), he designed a new character based on his Animal Crossing appearance, which he dubs Version 4.

Reference Chart

  • V0: Based on "The Adversary" from Penny Arcade.
  • V1: Final Fantasy 1 form, the Blue Mage.
  • V2: Poltergeist form, in the black-and-white Danny Phantom suit.
  • V2.5: Ditto, in his red-and-black Geist suit.
  • V3: Revamped by Demonic Jello, which Dann according to Dann "has the run-over-by-a-lawnmower" look.
  • V3.5: Shadow the Hedgehog's head on Emerl's body, recolored to Dann's color scheme. Failed miserably.
  • V4: Dann's Animal Crossing character. Currently bonded with the Arsenic symbiote. Also includes Cadaverous Dann (zombified form), *Spidann (MFGGmon form), Dann Phantom (evil counterpart), and Dann Wolf (joke character).

Art, and Sprites, and Fangames, Oh My!

Dann Woolf currently has not completed any fangames, due to his short attention span. However, he recently started a yet-unnamed Spider-Man game, and is still working on programming everything and writing a plot. The first screenshot has appeared in the Pointless Post Palace's WIP topic.

Has submitted a few sheets which were accepted, along with a lib for The Games Factory, and also displayed a few sprites in the Arts Board, including the Infinity Gems from Marvel Comics.

In the General Friendliness topic he MS Painted various members as symbiote-bonded beings AKA Venom from Spider-Man.

On the Forums

Dann Woolf has a quirky and confusing sense of humor, which leads to his jokes falling flat most of the time. He's made several attempts to join in or start fads, which usually fail due to most of MFGG being truly active while he's asleep. He seems to get along with other members, and doesn't have any real enemies, though he's earned one or two rounds of Biddy's remarks. He's somewhat cruel to members he dislikes, but on the flip-side, he's more than willing to help members he likes or respects. Just so long as helping doesn't involve drawing. Recently, Dann's responded to certain revolting posts or images with *prepares a tantõ*. In layman's terms, he's jokingly claiming to commit seppuku. Has been temporarily suspended several times for minor offenses.

Dann Woolf has somewhat nomadic web-surfing habits, as his current "fixation" is changed at random times, from MMORPGs, to game making, to webcomics, and so on. However, from his point of view, no matter where on the internet his short attention span takes him, MFGG is one place he always returns to. Has a habit of saying "ph33r", normally as a victory cry. Recently he's been displaying his darker side more often; he often makes snarky comments and bitter remarks, and tends to insult the "intellectually challenged".

Dann Woolf has a strong dislike for Blinky the Doughnut Scarfer due to the latter's nonsensical babbling and inability to realize his behavior annoys others, including Dann. Dann often attempts to defend others, the most notable attempt repeatedly undoing Mariana's efforts at vandalizing Joey's page on the Wiki, in the process referring to Mariana as Sisyphus.


Dann Woolf was a regularly banned member. Finally, on the December 10th, 2007, Dann Woolf was permabanned by DJ Yoshiman from the MFGG Forums. He was on the same warn policy as Draco Icebane by then, the one-chance-permaban concept. After flaming two members within a capacity of an hour, being unable to positively contribute to the health of the forum, and unable to control himself during arguments, Dann Woolf was permabanned from MFGG Forums.


  • Is a Spider-Man fan. His favorite villain is Venom.
  • Really really really hates typing in third-person.
  • Just like BanjoSonic's thing with Bayleef, Dann has a fixation with the Pokémon Darkrai.
  • Joined in the Break Man fad by creating DarkBreak, the Pokémon Darkrai with a Break Man helmet.
  • People misspelling his name is a pet peeve of his, and whenever someone mistakenly calls him "Dann Wolf", he acts like they're talking about a completely different person.