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DJ Coco

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Aliases: DJane Coco, Lightning the Hedgehog, Super Thunder Dimentio
Interests: Programming, Drawing, Spriting
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DJ Coco, formerly known as DJane Coco, is an Austrian MFGGer who joined on May 10th, 2008. He currently uses Game Maker Studio to make 2D fangames, but has started using Unity for 3D development in 2015. Coco has also used various older versions of GM for previous fangames. DJ Coco has finished a number of fangames and is also working on various indie projects. He was a member of Team Dimensional and is working on various indie games he plans on selling, too.

Member History

When DJ Coco first joined the forums, he wanted to create a game with the Ultramario Engine and asked the forums to help him implement the Super Leaf power-up. This way he got to know Tsuka (known as Latia back then and later as Miaxis and Tsuka), who was willing to help out. DJ Coco declined all advice he could get and even turned down code snippets, claiming that he would just want someone to implement all the stuff for him and upload it afterwards. Tsuka programmed the leaf for him, but somehow it did not work on his computer. Around that time he came up with thousands of concepts for fangames and always asked the forums for help. Even when he was helped, he made no progress though and all those concepts went to waste without even an alpha version of any game having come to exist. Many projects never saw any actual progress, because his OCD detained him from doing so. People have told him that he can't just ask for help all the time and that he needed to learn to code himself, but he refused to. He then actually started a project with the help of some tutorials and Tsuka called Blocky, but it got scrapped due to lack of motivation. Until recently, DJ Coco was somewhat infamous for starting lots of projects and never finishing them. Tsuka and him stayed friends for seven years, but eventually became estranged because of some made-up lies by a GMC moderator.

Many other projects followed, and even though he did not intend to learn code, he began to understand the code by copypasting single snippets and gradually became more interested. By now, he's really experienced with Game Maker already and also has his own Mario engine, which he claims plays as awesome as Super Mario World. It was going to be featured in his game Super Mario Adventure, also known as The Super Mario Bros. 5 Project, an indirect sequel to Super Mario World which he always wished received a direct sequel, before the SMB5 project was cancelled. He also has experience with Java and C#.

DJ Coco was the winner of the Best Programmer category in MFGG Awards 2016.


The first two games he actually completed were "Super Mario - Quest for the Purple Coins" and Super Mario Phone, both of which were made entries into Minigame Competitions. Super Mario Phone scored 3rd place. As soon as the forums got updated, he kind of left but he came back to lurk around the forums again, posting infrequently.

In February 2013 he posted another game called Super Mario Bros. - The Next Levels, which is vastly superior to his other early Mario fangames. It also won the Game of the Month for February 2013. At this point, he had three other fangames planned. One of them was "Luigi's Adventure - Fairytale of Crystallica", a fangame featuring graphics by DJ Coco himself and Jake Von that takes inspiration from "Super Luigi Dreams" and Psycho Waluigi. However, Jake Von got fired from the project, but remained as a character in the game. The other one was Super Mario Country, a Gameboy-styled Super Mario Land 2 fangame which also features custom graphics made by DJ Coco himself. This one had been completed, and won a Game of the Month award. He had started work on a fangame known as Super Mario Blackout, a game inspired by Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, but with an electrical theme. However, there is nothing playable as the old version of that game was abandoned and the project is currently on ice. He went on to create Paper Mario 3D Land. Sadly, he lost interest in fangaming during this game's development, which led to a lower-quality release (this did not, however, keep the game from receiving a huge amount of praise).

After playing a good amount of Toadette Strikes, he got temporarily back into fangaming and continued working on Super Mario Blackout. He also continued working on Sonic Hexacide, and managed to finish it. DJ Coco released the 3-D Mario Kart fangame Mario Kart: Speed Strife in June 2015. Speed Strife was widely hailed as an impressive technical achievement but sometimes criticized for its unusual mechanics.

DJ Coco released a Mega Man fangame on August 31, which is known as MegaMan Sunrise. Praise has been given to the engine, while some of the level design was criticized.

The Super Mario Bros. 5 Project

One of his more noticeable fangames is Super Mario Adventure, which he also refers to as The Super Mario Bros. 5 project, as it's supposed to be an indirect sequel to Super Mario World. Basically he wanted it to be as official as possible, so he tried to imitate Nintendo's style. The game is supposed to feature lots of new elements and act like Super Mario World did compared to Super Mario Bros. 3. The only playable thing to have ever come off of it was an engine test. All sprites and music were to be custom made specifically for this game. Chaoxys was the lead spriter of this project. The game has been cancelled due to lack of interest and knowledge of Nintendo's game design philosophies.

Other Games

DJ Coco also likes to code lots of original games. Unfortunately, only a few of them have been finished so far, being Space Case, a Super Mario 64-inspired game named The Underground Hotel that he made in just 8 days for his brother's birthday, and One Block Less, which is made as his entry for the Minigame Competition #2 - 2016. Currently he's working on a team project called President Simulator 2016, together with Vertette. There's lots of other games lying around his HDD too, which are either currently paused or scrapped. After Paper Mario 3D Land's completion, he began work on two indie games, one inspired by F-Zero, and one by Charlie The Duck. It is unknown if they are still being worked on or not.

Cliax Games

Cliax Games is a company DJ Coco intends on founding in the future that specializes in selling indie games for a low price. He's still trying to recruit members for it to help with various design aspects, such as C# programming, 3D animation and music composing.

Cliax Games is named after its main project of focus, Cliax Codec, a TPS/TDS hybrid that also involves platformer and puzzle elements. It will be made in Unity. The name Cliax is derived from 'Cliaxium', a fictional element in the Cliax Codec franchise.

So far the only games that have been released under the name of Cliax Games are Nulldrifters and Soaring Shuttle, but there's more in development, such as Slimy Smiley, a game starring VinnyVideo's alter ego, Vibs Ball.

MFGG Career

On April 17, 2013, he got promoted to be part of the MFGG site staff. As he has lots of free time, he is willing to help out in the queue, speeding up the process quite a bit. He doesn't accept everything that works, though, also considering the quality. Effortless works are getting declined by him. It is rumored he got the position in the site staff by bribing VinnyVideo with the Austrian delicacy Leberkäse, but these rumors are unsubstantiated. Maybe.

On July 11, 2013, DJ Coco was promoted to become one of the new global moderators, alongside Fujiko and Gameboy. DJ Coco was promoted to Administrator on both the forums and mainsite on February 16, 2015.

On June 16, 2017, DJ Coco resigned from his staff positions on both the forums and mainsite. DJ Coco had become less interested in making fangames, and because of some real-life problems, he no longer has the same amount of time and motivation to commit to running MFGG. He plans to continue participating in the MFGG community, however.

Personal life

DJ Coco suffers from both Asperger's Syndrome and a very severe case of OCD with occasional periods of depression. He is taking medication against OCD, but it doesn't help him get rid of it entirely. DJ Coco finished high school and attended college for 2 years before dropping out due to lack of interest.