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CyberKnight Aaron

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Aliases: CKA(abbrieviation), 8-Bitty, BitDude, Meepy, EmptyDonutBox
Real name: Aaron
Interests: Indie games, PC gaming
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Not to be confused with 8bitty.


CyberKnight Aaron is a forum oldbie, who was well-known only by a handful of people during his time. He was known for sporadic, short bursts of forum activity followed by long inactive periods for various reasons, such as lack of internet availability, forum drama, or simple lack of interest. He had a small spread of (at the time) underdeveloped talents, mainly writing. His avatar and forum character (who he has since abandoned) were basically Zero (Mega Man X, Capcom) without his iconic long blonde hair.

During ezBoard

CKA joined sometime near the beginning of ezBoard's birth and was a regular member, only twelve at the time. He contributed some of the first libs hosted on MFGG, which at the time were called "kick@$$." They were all fairly poor edits of Mario sprites from various games, made to give Mario and co. unusual powerups, such as riding Robotnik machines, Super-saiyan (Dragon Ball Z) abilities, etc. It is unknown whether these libs can be found anywhere on the internet today, probably not.

Sometime over the course of ezBoard, CKA founded a game 'company' known as Garrett Games or 'GG'. He had his own website and forum, though they weren't used for much as GG never ended up producing anything. There were many scrapped projects, most of which reflected upon CKA's narcissistic tendencies and starred himself, the most notable of which was Nintendo Crisis, an ambitious project whose aim was to have many playable characters of the then forum members.

CKA is one one of the people involved in the Great Kyle Flamewar and was banned trying to defend MFGG, for a short time.

CKA is remembered to have created at least one of MFGG's earliest fads, Do the Mario!, and was an active participant in many others. Near the end of ezBoard, Sailor Darksta] created the Kissing Booth thread and CKA followed it until it was locked, at which point he created the 'sequel,' Moo Moo Kung Foo Babaloo Koo Koo Ka Choo and helped it to be successful, though he had little part in MMKFBKKKC 2 or 3. Through these threads he became good friends with NeoPikmin and still is to this day.

Over the course of these events CKA was only active for short periods, repeatedly vanishing without a trace for various reasons.

After ezBoard and departure

After ezBoard died, he was not seen again until at least a full year later. He returned to being a regular member for a while, whether he did anything notable during this time isn't remembered. He was much less active on MFGG than before, going through high school and indulging in other interests.

He invited his then girlfriend, Sully Vespertine to join the forums with him. It didn't take long for this to go sour, Sully causing troubles with Kritter and other members. Forum drama ensued and CKA and Sully both left the forums.

CKA later returned by himself and was again a regular member for a while, requesting his name be changed to 8-Bitty, then later asking to have it changed back to CKA. He was sparsely active during this period before quietly leaving again, and hasn't been seen since on MFGG. He now spends much of his time attending college, playing Steam games under the handle Meepy, and appreciating indie and PC gaming.

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