Crowbar Toss

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Crowbar Toss
Crowbartoss sdb.png
Developer(s) Nite Shadow
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date August 9th, 2011
Genre Other
Players 1
Input Mouse
Medium MMF2
Platform Windows
Status Released

Crowbar Toss was a fad started by Nite Shadow. During the pre-discussion before Minigame Competition #9, the MFGG message box wasn't working properly; it was displaying posts other than the first one in the topic. This got so annoying that Nite Shadow made a small game. He called it "Crowbar Toss." Soon Roo, DJ Yoshiman, Miles, and Genogenesis7 made their own crowbar games. They were all made in MMF2.


Crowbar Toss

Crowbar Toss was the original crowbar game that started it all, created by Nite Shadow. In it, the player uses the mouse to throw crowbars at the message box, causing holes to appear. A few MFGGers decided to make designs with the holes. (For example, writing their name.)

Crowbar Toss 3000 Turbo HD Director's Cut

Crowbar Toss 3000 Turbo HD Director's Cut was the second crowbar game, created by Roo. In it the player adjusts the angle of a throw to make the thrown crowbar hit a person. It is different because it's the only one not to involve the message box; Miles and Nite Shadow claimed that Roo "missed the point" because of this. Roo responded with a DELUXE version, where the original target object was replaced with the text box.

Screw You Title Boxes

Screw You Title Boxes was the third crowbar game, created by DJ Yoshiman. Instead of throwing it, this one involves whacking the message box with a crowbar. In this one, you can actually destroy the message box if you hit it enough times. It also uses the message box from the NSMB skin rather than the normal one.

Robuttnik v.s. The MGC Box

Robuttnik v.s. The MGC Box was the fourth crowbar game, created by Miles. The player's objective was to shoot at falling crowbars in an attempt to make them hit the MGC preview box. After 10 hits the MGC preview box would be defeated. The MGC preview box fights back, shooting projectiles at you. Getting hit three times would result in "Robuttnik" giving up.

Crowbar Strikes Back and Crowbar Strikes Back Director's Cut EX

Crowbar Strikes Back was the fifth crowbar game, created by Genogenesis7. It is an edit of the MMF2 chocobreak tutorial featuring the "Chocobeak Man" bouncing a crowbar against several Minigame Competition preview boxes. It became infamous for being extremely frustrating and difficult due to the fact that the crowbar sometimes bounces at weird angles. Complaints were also made about the large file size due to Genogenesis7 using .WAV files as music. Geno did later make a version using .ogg files so that he could include it in his "Crowbar Collection" package.

Crowbar Strikes Back Director's Cut EX, known on the game's title screen as Crowbar Strikes Back: Director's Cut, Extended, and Generally Better Made Edition, as the title implies, was an enhancement of the original Crowbar Strikes Back game that Genogenesis7 created to make up for the bad reception of the first game. It is an extension of sorts to the original game: It still includes the first level of the original (which had been slightly reduced in difficulty due to complaints), but what follows is several more levels in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style where different short minigames are bridged by blocks of text explaining the storyline. These short games were all very different in gameplay and object, but they all involved the Crowbar (who had teamed up with Chocobreak Man) seeking out and destroying the Minigame Competition preview box and it's clones. This stream-of-consciousness gameplay style, along with a rather non-sequitor, parodical sense of humor, makes the game more than a little similar to the Thingio series, which Genogenesis7 admits he is a large fan of and took inspiration from. The game actually didn't receive much attention during it's original release, however, the few people who had played it during said release combined with people who first played it during later re-releases recieved the game quite well.


  • This was actually Genogenesis7's first completed game using a Clickteam product of any kind. His usual choice of program would be Game Maker, however he used a Clickteam product to stay within the guidelines of the Crowbar Games.
  • According to Genogenesis7, the name was intended to be a spoof of Toad Strikes Back. The game's icon is even a parody of Toad Strikes Back's, featuring a crowbar where Toad's mugshot would be.

Crowbar Collection

On October 29th, 2011, Genogenesis7 released a compilation of all 5 crowbar games, along with a note from the creator of each game, calling it "Crowbar Collection."


Soon afterwards, after the Crowbar submissions had glorified up the Minigame Competition topic, Black Squirrel got upset and claimed that there was posting merely for the sake of posting, and he disliked it. He deleted anything that had to do with Crobar Toss in the thread. In January 2012, months after the event had concluded, an unnamed moderator surreptitiously moved the split posts from Direbo to The Vault.


In September 2012, Supernova's joke game - Typical Mario Game introduced a special powerup called Crowbar Mario. Where a suit that looks like Nite Shadow transform Mario with abililty to toss crowbars. Link


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