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Aliases: Fishmuffin, emomuffinz, Deserter
Real name: Jake G.
Interests: DEATH METAL... and emo stuff
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Crazy70 started out as a newbie that did not think about starting an introdution topic, instead he created a topic showing off his fist tileset. His first friend was Bormogin because of it; Bormogin only wanted to help. So he redid crazy70's tileset and gave it to him for free, with all credit going to crazy70. When one of the moderators, Bacteriophage, falsely him accused of being a dupe, crazy70 was in danger of a ban. This danger subsided after Bormogin intervened. Crazy70 kept out of the topic, thus kind of causing it to die. Yay.

Crazy70's ref

Crazy70's old reference was original, as a human with a blue jacket and beret, and either gray, crimson and black, or camoflage(green) pants. BREAKING NEWS crazy70 has had a new reference for a while now. Emo kid with green jacket and a scarf. Details at eleven.

Crazy70 as we speak

Crazy70 is currently working on a secret project, which he hopes to finish eventually. Well, he has to finish it sometime, right? Right. He's not giving out any specific dates, and it's been nearly one or two years since he started it. /top secret info