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Topic History

Max Rider, left, in the Goemon Impact vs Press Start,right, in the Zekebot)

On the first of June of 2007 Zekewars posted another topic with the title name "I am taking control of MFGG," and the first post was "I am going to destroy you all." Lots of battles, twists, laughs and tears are ahead of you. Brace yourself!


Shyguy Grey challenged Zekewars to many different challenges, all which were never accepted, while Nnnk made fun of Zeke's spelling. That is when he claimed that if an alliance was formed it would be crushed. Zeke asked Max Rider (Spelling it Max Raider), to join his team, but because of that spelling error Max refused. Nnnk then pointed out Zeke's third spelling mistake and after some threats, he decided to join Zeke's army. Once Nnnk joined Zeke said the war could soon begin.

After this Max Rider posted the first of many mech/robot pics. Max beforehand made a robot pic for Nnnk and he is using it still. Shyguy Grey then asked if he was only there for comic relief, and then he "joined" Shybomb's side. Coelacanthus then joined the Rebel side. Zeke later on again said confidently that the rebels would lose.

Then came the first mech battle between Nnnk's robot and Max's robot. Nnnk's first idea was to jump and kick Max in the face but because he had tank treads this was impossible. Croshi then entered the war (not Nnnk and Max's battle) with his Croshi Copter! Nnnk then tackled Max and punched him in the face. Somehow then Max made it so Nnnk's bot had legs. Next Shyguy Grey showed up with his robot and vowed to attack all who wasn't on the rebel side.

Nnnk then decided he needed a new tactic. He asked Max to team up with him against the threat of a Godzilla and Gamera double attack. When Max asked him where Nnnk posted two pics, but they were in color. Max didn't fall for his trick. To try to get Max to fall for the trick Nnnk said that everything in Japan was in color.

Now Zekewars commanded Nnnk to get rid of Max Rider permanently. This is when Nnnk decided to pull out the real guns. Old school 1950s and 1960s black and white Godzilla and Gamera and he commanded them to destroy Max. Shyguy Grey then joined the fight with his mech while Shybomb gave Nnnk a free bomb (with a picture!).

Again Nnnk shows his army of kaiju and tokusatsu icons, claiming these were only a few of his allies and then commands them to attack their enemies. Max Rider's robot then becomes color and Max declares he will use his color, and Team Zeke's lack of it, to destroy him. Croshi then has Calumon, a Digimon from Digimon Season 3 aka Digimon Tamers, blow up his Croshi Copter and then he claims that he blew up Max's robot, but he was wrong: Max was nowhere near him. Then Croshi later claims Calumon destroyed his robot and Bob Hoskins.

Max is about to go attack the Zekestar but Nnnk gets in his way and challenges him one on one. Nnnk pulls out a few swords and Max pulls out a paintbrush and a paint can. All the while Croshi is standing by watching and eating rice balls. Nnnk then uses his swords to cut the paint can in half.

Coelacanthus then enters the fray with his monkey robot. Max and Nnnk get into a short argument over who is winning and Nnnk admits he needs some reinforcement. At this Croshi tells Nnnk that he'll help and he gives him a beer. Post getting his beer Nnnk tells Croshi to get the extra robot in the Zekestar and help him out.

Max now takes a temporary leave and Nnnk claims his robot. Now Max and Coelacanthus join their robots (Max has a spare) together and Croshi returns in a robot that is almost 5 times the size of Max and Coelacanthus's robot. Nnnk then takes the Max robot he got and stores it in the Zekestar for later use.

Mechant (Alpha Mechant at the time) comes and makes awesome pictures of the battles. Then Croshi reveals that he has another robot, a DeviCalumon robot which is just Calumon but black. Then comes the time when a few of the participants make different pics of the last "huge" robot compared to their new robot.

Now Shyguy Grey reveals another robot of his, basically his last one but standing up, and hints that he wanted to fight Nnnk but Croshi is set up to fight Shyguy Grey because Croshi said that he wanted to fight. Once Shyguy Grey saw Croshi's robot he surrendered and said that he wanted to join Zeke's Team. Nnnk then tells him to go get a uniform but that's when a giant Elmo attacks, which apparently was Shyguy Grey's secret weapon. Shyguy Grey escapes from his destroyed robot and Nnnk sends ninjas bloodhounds among other things to go capture Shyguy Grey.

Then Max returned with a new robot, Goemon Impact from the Ganbare Goemon game series. Shyguy Grey then brings out his Catgirl robot with claws and threatens to claw anyone who opposes him.

Now surprisingly Zeke returns and joins the battle with him and all his troops in the ZekeDestroyer. Once Press Start entered the war Zeke told him to "get out the Zekewalkers out and my personal Zekedestroyer and Fire the Zekestar". Meanwhile in the PPP Zeke make a topic that had a link to a movie called "MFGG Just Got Owned." Back in the main topic Press Start shows off his army in a pic that said "The Assault Begins." Zekewars then makes some more threats. Press Start then finds the ZekeDestroyer but Shyguy Grey finds a huge flyswatter and swats it.

Über n00ber then said that he was coming but it's tea time first. Max, in his Goemon Impact, and Press Start, in the Zekebot, fight in a city that must have come out of nowhere considering they were fighting in Zeke's dimension. From here on till awhile later many new robots were made by different members such as: Robo-Bush, Robo-Sasuke and stingbots.

After a few pages of random battles Über n00ber came to fight. LKA, who was throwing spikes at random robots and watching them explode Megaman style, threw a spike at Nnnk and killed him. But Nnnk has infinite lives because of the Gameshark, one of the perks of working for Zeke. Shyguy Grey then reveals his Banana robot, but it is useless. Soon after being revealed Shyguy Grey abandons the Banana robot for a Mecha Patch , as in Don Patch from the manga and anime series Bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo-bo, that could disable codes. But it had no effect on Nnnk's robot because he had the 'unable to turn off codes' patch.

Über n00ber is now in the battle and is fighting with his East Armada. Since realizing that his Mecha Patch was useless Shyguy Grey took it's stick weapon and ran after the enemy, but Nnnk punts it like an American football. But that was just a distraction so he could get close to Nnnk and rip out a chip... But it wasn't the Gameshark because the Gameshark is encoded into Nnnk's robot. After doing that he pushes Nnnk out the window, but Nnnk and his robot can fly so it was all in vein.

Finally Robbydude, the leader of the Rebels, joined the battle with his Bruce Willis Transformation robot. With his new robot Robby finds the War Base 7 and demands to know the location of the first

Robbydude running with the gun and Luigifan sleeping in the wagon. They are protected by a barrier that isn't affected by Zeke's dimension color swaps.)

one or he'll knock it down. LuigiFan then give Robbydude an energy shield so he and can infiltrate the base, while LuigiFan sleeps in a wagon that Robby would pull. Robbydude charges in proclaiming that he will free all good MFGGers before nightfall, otherwise the LuigiFan clones would destroy the world. Meanwhile Über n00ber is getting his other ships in the Zeke Armada ready for battle.

Max then finds a way inside the Zekestar and Josiah guides him throughout it, although Josiah isn't there, he's in his office. Back in space Shyguy Grey is destroying some of Uber's ships with a color ray. Max is then walking around the ship looking for something.

Robby then gets a message from Max: "Robby, I'm in Uber's Castle. I'm trying to prevent him from the missile. I can try as hard as can, but it can only stunt the process. You MUST defeat Zeke. It says so in the Light Dictionary. The Dark-Line Dictionary says different. Please Robby, destroy the core! I'm sending you coordinates to Zeke's castle through the DS Wireless Map System. Google Maps helped out. "

Nnnk then offers to lend Robbydude his army but Robbydude refuses multiple times. Robbydude then connects with Josiah. Ravan, a Rebel is captured, tied up and brought to the Zekestar. Josiah then sends Robbydude the info on the mission through DS Download and also sends Max his Goemon Impact data.

Josiah just sent Robby and Max their data and then there's a knock on his door. In the Zekestar, Ravan is about to be turned into dog food. Nnnk then blows up the ship he's in and leaves to go help Max as the knocking on Josiah's door stops. Nnnk then attacks and kills an enemy that was behind Max and tells Max he's ready to help the Rebels. Josiah's door opens, black fog comes out and Josiah's transmission ends. Robbydude gets to the entrance of the Zekestar.

Max and Nnnk are digging to get to the core and Josiah's signal is

Nnnk breaking the core of the Zekestar and getting electricuted)

still missing. Nnnk hears Ravan's cries for help, finds him and crushes the Dog Making Machine but can't untie Ravan at the moment. Robbydude finds Zeke's room and enters it, oddly enough everything in the room gets its black outline back. Josiah's message is received and reveals that Uber's fleet got into his office. Max and Nnnk finally reach the glowing blue core. Nnnk decides to destroy the core with his own hands since they have no other tools and he is partially electric-proof. He told Max to carry his body out once he does so. Max receives a new file from Josiah called "Transform mode." Nnnk breaks it and passes out while Max uses the new "Transform Mode" to pick up Nnnk and leave.

Press Start has to take a test otherwise the whole Zekestar will flood in 5 minutes. Time is up and Press Start hasn't come up with anything. Press Start then suggests a compromise in which he gives back Ravan, 2 coupons for Halloween candy, hits the self-destruct button and flies away in an escape pod. But he doesn't press the button, instead he runs away with a sleeping Zeke in his hands. Robbydude then throws a baseball at Press Start and Zeke. Next he picks up Ravan and runs after Press Start. The baseball hits Press Start in the face and he drops Zeke, who is in his space PJs. Max and Nnnk then go and restore the color to Earth. Robby then catches Zeke and uses him as a hostage to have Press Start call off his troops. After some confusion Press Start gives up.

Über n00ber stealing Zeke from Robbydude)

Max then shows Josiah's last message to Robbydude. Even though Press Start surrendered Über n00ber is still ready to attack, but gives up after being told that the Rebels have Zeke hostage. Uber then makes Robby a deal that if Team Zeke gets Zeke back MFGG will be restored. Uber now has Zeke.

Back on Earth Max, Robby and Nnnk find Josiah's body. They use Max and Robby's red human blood and Nnnk's silver unknown blood and a Nintendo Wiimote to revive Josiah. How it worked I have no clue.

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