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CocoBot is a bot on the EsperNET MFGG IRC written in the mIRC Scripting Language (abbreviated as mSL or mIRC Script). In contrast to historical MFGG IRC bots like Goonbot and xbot, CocoBot's primary purpose is for playing games with other chat users.


  • Game scripts, generally provided by the mIRC scripting community.
    • IRC-Uno: 2-10 players, written by LostLion.
    • Apples to Apples: Intended for 4-8 players, written by KholdStare88. Tends to crash during longer games.
    • Dice Poker: 2+ players, written by Geckat.
  • 8 Ball: Magic 8 ball.
  • Dice rolling: CocoBot can roll dice with true randomness provided by the online HotBits service.
  • Logging: CocoBot logs chat activity while it is online.
  • Swear kicker: A script modified from mIRC examples that automatically kicks swearing users. The script is intended to be consistent with the MFGG forum's own swear filter.

Essential Commands

All CocoBot commands are preceded by a "!" prefix, and are case-insensitive. Most can be sent to CocoBot privately via /msg CocoBot <command> (which you may prefer for some commands like !Report).

  • !Help: Fetches a list of commands and help topics.
  • !Help RULES: Fetches the channel rules.
  • !Help UNO, !Help ATA, !Help DP: Provides help for UNO, Apples to Apples, and Dice Poker respectively. You must be in #MFGG_GAMES to play these games.
  • !8ball: Generates a random result for any yes or no question. But remember, it is only a virtual ball.
  • !Report <reason>: Sends a memo to all ops and alerts the ops channel of any emergencies. To limit abuse, you must be in #MFGG to use this command and can only use it every 5 minutes.
  • !Roll <dice>: Rolls dice and performs integer math. For example, !roll 3d6+3*2 rolls three six-sided dice, adds them up, then adds six.
  • !Sendroll <nick> <dice>: Sends a dice roll to the specified person. This can be sent as a private message. For example, /msg CocoBot !sendroll SomeGuy 3d6 would send the results of the roll to SomeGuy.