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Chris the Hedgehog

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Aliases: Chris Hedgie, Adalat
Real name: Chris Verge
Interests: Sonic, Kim Possible, New Media, Journalism
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Chris the Hedgehog is Yoshiman's brother. Often rendered as a blatant recolor of Sonic the Hedgehog, until as of late, when he's become more original, and is regarded as just another hedgehog.

Chris the Hedgehog joined MFGG back when it was on EZBoard, but to this very day still has yet to submit either a game or a lib.

Chris is brother to the famed Yoshiman, but that doesn't give him any leverage or anything. Chris enjoys Mario things, but is more of a Sonic fan. Chris's attempts for anything fan game based has mostly been Sonic or Metroid. His latest projects have been slow due to work, the inability to see how to make them better, and a bit of laziness.

Chris the Hedgie, as he is referred to on the forums, is a likeable guy who comes on very infrequently. He pops in now and then, either to post in the Casual Conversation Castle, or get some help on his games.

As an aspiring cartoonist, Chris also enjoys using his art skills for recreational purposes. More often then not though, Chris just likes being friends to everyone.


ChrisHedgie passed away on September 7, 2017. At Yoshiman's request, Thunder Dragon published a topic about his death.