Chain Chompa

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Chain Chompa

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Aliases: Many
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Unknown
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Another 'misfit', Chain chompa has proved to be one of the few members that have ruined the reputation of MFGG. Although he's quite a recent problem, he has joined MFGG's forum too many times. Upon reading MFGG's rules, you will stumble across:

"- Multiple accounts will be disabled. Don't register more than one account. Private Message an admin for name changes "

This, along with the 'over 11's only' rule by Invision Power Board, have been broken, several times by this member.

Once he had arrived, Chain chompa didn't seem that bad. Sure, his spelling wasn't up to scratch, and he wasn't the best behaved member, but it was too early to make comments. This was soon short lived, as Chain Chompa was banned for various reasons. The most amusing one was the flame "ASSHOLW MODY" to Trasher, which he kept in his signature for several weeks after this (and still has it now).

But it didn't stop there. Chain Chompa was annoyed, and joined many other forums under the title "MFGGSux". Admins of these forums took action, and he was eventually banned there too. While still lurking on AIM, Chain chompa decided to register on MFGG again, but was banned. Recently, he tried again, under the title "Cocained Mario". This time, he pretended to be 'Someone who was high by smoking cocaine', but instead proving that he was in fact, an idiot (Many pointed out that you can't smoke cocaine, unless it was in crack form).

Since there is IP banning problems, Chain chompa will return, but the 'talented' members of MFGG will track him down once again.