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Aliases: Sloth
Real name: Frankie
Interests: Comics, Drawing, Video Games, Spriting
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Cappy is a member on MFGG's forums, although he doesn't seem to be active any more. He is known for the comics he used to make and is frequently associated with marijuana. He first joined MFGG in 2006, then made an account on the forums a year later. Cappy's persona is described as that of a trickster (or more of a prankster) in early times. Now he's more known to be a pot-smoking artist who turns other posters' (and even his own) topics into an arts board topic, usually involving the original poster's avatar as the main attraction but his own as a pull-and-take.

In late 2009, Cappy was describing that he was drawing rule 34 of the female MFGG member's avatars for fun, and liked to brag to the male members about his "fantasy" world. Even once in the CCC, he made one of those ecchi anime-type computer sims as a forum game featuring one of MFGG's popular members, Raie. The character you played was a young captain of a non-crew pirate ship. You would rescue Raie, who was adrift on a piece of bamboo-like wreckage.