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Buggo as he looks today. Minor changes are added/subtracted in different styles.
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Aliases: Kiage Team
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Buggo is an MFGGer and first discovered MFGG while trying to look for some sprites outside Sprite Database.

He is young to the internet, and thought that Sprite Database was the only place to get sprites.

Buggo joined under the name, "Kiage team" with his slightly younger brother, LogicMan. This turned out to be some trouble in the future. Nobody understands Buggo, save his brother LogicMan, mirror and Demonlemon.

Rocky Beginnings

Buggo was off to a rough start, determined to become a great fangamer and spriter. His first sprite sheet he submitted was actually his first sprite sheet ever. However, the site administrators denied his submission.

One of his other sprites that he submitted was that of Lucario from Pokémon, claiming that MFGG needed to have Smash Bros. characters. His submission was once again declined, however, because Lucario isn't a Mario character.

He now submits things that are useful, and actually sometimes get accepted, like his SMB3 Goombas.

The Forums

Buggo visited the forums a long time ago before he made an account there. He didn't find much interest in it, and therefore did not join. Later on MFGG, he decided to visit it again, lurking for quite a few months before joining. He especially was interested in the topic 'Wario Land X'. His sprites were not very good quality, but after a little while of learning, with a patient Blackcat12, he happily made a boss that was well received by the other team members and Blackcat12 himself.

The Trouble Starts

Buggo was beginning to understand his surroundings better, and was submitting things that were being accepted, however, he didn't tell anyone about Buggo and Logicman both being Kiage team, so when an admin/mod saw their 3D goomba model accepted, they thought they had stolen it from Buggo, who had actually submitted it. Buggo made a topic in the General Chat explaining the confusion, the site staff thanked him for explaining, and Buggo made a new account. Because Buggo made a new account in 09, he first joined in 08. Many are confused by this, and he sometimes has to explain in order to get a position for something, get drawn etc. but for the most part, they understand.

Sprites and artwork

Buggo used to be a spriter with small skills. He has worked on this, and eventually grown much better then he used to be, without giving up. He loves to sprite hi-res sprites and likes to reshade sprites with many colors, giving them a 3D look. He is not the best spriter, but is much better then he used to be. Buggo's dad, a professional artist of all sorts, has been teaching him a great deal of shading and how to draw. His work is so much better then it use to be and is now considered decent


LuigiFan has recently begun to give Buggo private lessons from Flash through PMs. Buggo has now gotten the basics of Flash down, and loves to animate as a past-time. Below is an example of his recent work: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/6979/jackisback1.gif


Buggo is not that great at making games, but he is hoping that he will soon blow the minds of many with his secret project! List of games Buggo has made:

  • Broke'mon (not a true game, but an April Fools game)
  • Supoer Mario 07 (released only on forums)

Games Buggo is making:

  • Anything but Brawl -on hold-
  • Buggo and Demonlemon: The Pit of 1000 Bans -on hold-

Any of the games listed above may be canned at any time. He's bad at finishing projects

Friends and allies

Buggo has quite a few friends and allies on MFGG. The following list some of them:

This list keeps on updating o__o

Useless Information

  • mirror thinks this page is funny
  • Buggo has different names on other sites, here is a list: KoalaFire, Sole, Buggo, Kiage team