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A flash drawing of Bubbachrissy, by Smoke
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Aliases: Bubba, Bubba C., BC
Real name: Chris
Interests: Lasagna
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BubbaChrissy is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on July 10th, 2006. He is Member #2306 of the IPB Boards. He is also a member on the new phpBB forums, although he hasn't really done anything over there besides making one post in the General Chat titled Just coming back to say hi.


Bubbachrissy's continuously growing sprite sheet of himself.

BubbaChrissy describes himself as "The average Snow Joe". He has a snow cone shop in his hometown: The Fresh Snow Tribal Grounds. BubbaChrissy is not much of an artist, he has tried to sprite others in the past but it doesn't usually work out, so he sticks to spriting himself. To the left is the spritesheet of BubbaChrissy that he has been adding to since he joined MFGG. He was most active in the Casual Conversation Castle which is where 35% of his active posts were. He mostly enjoys playing forum games with the other members. He has followed MechaBowser and Deathbringer Raikyo with PMGO, MFGGK, and MFGGK2 since the beginning.

Character Backstory

The snowmen of the arctic are at war with each other, although there hasn't been a single battle. Consisting of several tribes, the two most prominent being the Dirt Snow and Fresh Snow Tribes. They each live in separate areas, known as their tribal grounds. The Fresh Snow Tribal Grounds is a big city. The buildings and streets of ice are so clean that it can be hard to adjust to the intensity of light reflection. Not many can tell you about the Dirt Snow Tribal Grounds. Most who go in don't come back out. and those who do come out wont speak another word the rest of their life. Anyone who has seen it from the outside says it is a black dome. BubbaChrissy lives in the Fresh Snow Tribal Grounds. Without a mate or children in his one room apartment. He gets up every morning to go work his Sno Kone Shoppe. It's a high paying business, but BubbaChrissy has been saving the profits ever since he started the shoppe at age 60. Perhaps he's saving up for a luxurious retirement or maybe a big adventure.


  • BubbaChrissy has one eyebrow, just like his character, in real life.
  • His character is about 120 years of age (Life expectancy of a male snowman: 200 years).
  • He is not Hispanic, his character wears a sombrero since he thinks it just looks stylish.
  • BubbaChrissy is friends with Smoke, who is Hispanic.
  • He plays well with others.
  • He is one of the two only members on MFGG to have a snowman reference, the other being LocoRoo.
  • He has built a replica snowman of his character in real life twice in the past 2 years.
  • In his iScribble days he was sometimes seen as a delightful little caterpillar.
  • He is known on Skype to be a Swine Stew, even though he repeatedly says "I'm not stew![1]".