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Aliases: Shockstuff
Real name: unknown
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Bormogin visited a forum, so he could try making new ideas for Mario games. His ideas, however, did not match many of the interests of other individuals. Later on, he drew a brand new character based on one SMW's poor graphics, and tried to persuade others to draw it with their own skills. He soon made friends with Mechant and TouchFuzzyGetDizzy.

He began drawing for others with crayon, and trying to design new Mario fan games. Due to lack of experience, his fan-created levels were poor in design. He did, however, create authentic tilesets and bigger storylines that he thought would enhance his games. Approximately 2 years from his visit, he left the forum, because it seemed there were too many difficulties understanding how to socialize with others appropriately. After reading a review with a low score, he decided that he had to do a better job designing the levels. Even today, he is still learning how to improve his posting habits.

Project History

  • Super Mario: The Lyre's Society
  • Paper Wart World 2: The Subcon Exodus
  • Super Mario GS
  • Super Mario GS 2
  • Super Paper Fuzzy Kart
  • Super Mario: Realm of the 1,000th Twilight
  • Super Mario IV: Vendetta of the Guillotine Mask