Blinky the Doughnut Scarfer

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Blinky the Doughnut Scarfer

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The Last Doughnut Deliverer
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Real name: Unknown
Interests: Donuts
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 Banned.gif This article/section is about a member who was banned and hasn't been seen since then.

It is improbable that any notable information will be added to this article in the future.

Blinky the Doughnut Scarfer was a member who joined the MFGG Forums on January 12th, 2007. He was infamous for posting lewd adult content and breaking other numerous forum rules. He was permabanned on December 21st, 2007 by DJ Yoshiman.

Donuts are awesome! I love to eat donuts, but I occasionally have to use them as projectiles when fighting the evil minions of Shnookwad. I hang out at Dunkin' Donuts a lot, but I'm usually thrown out by the time the day is over. I have a pet cat named Doughnut, and a lizard for a best friend whose name is Chummy, but we at Funky Forest just call him Chum. I have a gamecube, an NDS, a Psone, a GBA, a GBC, a notebook computer shaped like a doughnut, and an SNES. I live in a hollow tree, also, but we won't get into the ramifications of that.