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Blackcat12 the black cat, drawn by Im4everkool
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Real name: ???
Interests: Pixar, Nintendo, Mario, Kirby
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Blackcat12 is someone who discovered MFGG after watching the credits of one of the Super Mario Bros. Z flash movies. He has been a member of the forums since April 2008. On August of the same year, he earned Casual Member status along with a Happy Heart Badge; nine months later, he earned a Super Happy Heart Badge.

Physical Appearance

Blackcat12 is a anthropomorphic black cat. He has two all-white eyes, (implying that he is blind, when he really isn't) a pink nose, no whiskers, and a human-like mouth. He is also relatively short in height.


Blackcat12 is a friendly, easy-going fellow who likes to be kind and respectful to others, unless the others in question have insulted him, attacked his opinion, or done something to make him angry. To date, he has never been so much as warned, and plans to keep it that way.

Current Projects

Blackcat12's only current fangame project is Wario Land X, a game based loosely off of Wario World. He is being currently assisted by Knight Nappse and Meta Koopa, both official spriters for the game, and Luigis No1, a helping-guy of sorts. The two members of Kiage Team (mostly Buggo) have also lent a hand. The game is currently on a prolonged hiatus.

Blackcat12 occasionally contributed ideas to the CFP 2.

He is also in the middle of developing several original games which shall remain unnamed.


Video Games

Blackcat12 is an avid video game player and a loyal Nintendo fan. His favorite video game franchises are Mario(this includes the Wario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong franchises) and Kirby, and nearly all of the systems he owns are Nintendo systems. His favorite Mario game (and one of his favorite games of all-time) is Super Mario Galaxy. His favorite Kirby game (and another one of his all-time favorite games) is Kirby Super Star Ultra. His favorite game ever is The Neverhood. Other all-time favorites of his include de Blob, Alien Hominid, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


Blackcat12 has always loved animation, and views it as a field that would like to get into someday. Many of his favorite films are animated or involve animation, such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Wallace and Gromit.


Blackcat12 enjoys building his own video games and has many ideas for non-fangame games. He is hoping to be able to create some of those games with MechaSource once it is out. He also loves to read and draw.

Blackcat12's Forum Polls

Blackcat12 occasionally creates a just-for-fun poll in the General Chat forum. To date, he has created four:

  • Cats VS Dogs (he prefers cats)
  • Pirates VS Ninjas (he voted for both, but he prefers pirates)
  • Robots VS Zombies (he prefers robots)
  • Cakes VS Pies (he likes both) - However, this poll was moved to the Casual Conversation Castle)