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Bill Ding

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Aliases: Killa 64, Citizen #1704, SUPER BILL, Citizen, Boxxy
Interests: Stuff
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When Bill Ding first joined in late 2005, his posts only consisted of posts in the Arts board with generally horrible drawings. However, during 2006 he started acting more like he does today, commenting on people's crappy grammar and misspellings. He had his name changed from Killa 64 to Bill Ding. The name stuck. He usually only posted in the PPP and hardly anywhere else.


Citizen 1704 joined MFGG in December 2005, when he was only 10 years old. Since he had waited until half a year of joining, and had gained a positive reputation before revealing his age, and the admins allowed him to bypass the age limit. His name when he joined was Killa 64. He though that sounded really really gay so he asked it to be changed to Bill Ding. In late 2006, he asked members to request name changes for him, and Joey suggested Citizen #1704, as he was Member #1704. Bill Ding currently resides in Hell making flash movies.


Well, he has telekinesis, but besides that, he used to be pretty nifty at Game Maker coding, and right now he's a pretty awesome Flashist. He also is one of the best members relative to their age. He also is a pretty awesome drawer.


Yeah, he has a posse.