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Aliases: Bea
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Beatrice was one of the last people to register an account on the old phpBB forums in 2017. She didn't post anything, though. She first became active on the MyBB forums and MFGG Discord Group in early 2018.

Beatrice first discovered MFGG after clicking the "Random Page" button on TVTropes and landing on the Super Charisma Bros. page. Since then, she's drawn a lot of art of various MFGGers and worked on some currently-unreleased game projects.

In July 2018, she became one of the first four chat moderators on the MFGG Discord Group, along with Kirby's Adventure, Fun With Despair, and rollerC.


  • Beatrice is believed to be MFGG's second member from Indonesia, along with FantasyXIX.