Battle Without Honor or Humility

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Battle Without Honor or Humility was a CCC sub-forum created by DJ Yoshiman on the 23rd January 2008. It was like ShadowMan's Zombie Week, however featured a war against Zekewars.

The topics were split into four different areas, and were further split into two separate topics, two battles for each day. The areas were:

  • The Trenches
  • The Local Town
  • The Jungle
  • The CIA Building
  • Final Destination

The objective, like Zombie Week, was to post as much (without completely repeating previous posts) as possible, while stating whose side you're on in each post. The number of posts for each side were tallied up by DJ Yoshiman there-after.

The Prevention of Judgement Day

Despite the battle being won, the effects of Zeke's "takeover" carried on to the 19th February where the The Great Mistake took place. The board was shut down and revived through a backup by Retriever II, resulting in a rollback to the 7th January 2008. It was in this brief period where Black Squirrel travelled into the MFGG of the past to put a stop to the BWHoH, and succeeded, sending it to the Cave of Flames. It was a bit like Terminator 2, except it sucked. BS's lame "catchphrase" was apparently "I'll be Black" (although he's not actually black). Also nobody really cared.