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Due to the excessive amount of internet traffic that MFGG receives, once a month the Main site runs out of bandwidth, meaning that no more downloads of any sort can continue. This includes everything from game downloads to text stored by your internet browser, and MFGG remains like this until the end of the month.

When "Mario Fan Game Gallery" was featured on the American TV channel, G4tv, it attracted a lot of new traffic, of which the MFGG server couldn't handle well, and therefore meaning the bandwidth issues began much sooner than expected.

The forums, being hosted elsewhere on Taloncrossing aren't affected as much as they do not receive the same amount of traffic. However, there have been temporary bandwidth problems there on older servers too.

MFGG 2.0 promises to stop all the bandwidth problems altogether, or at least make them appear far less often.

On August 29, 2007, the domain was suspended for two days because of bandwidth overuse problems. On the message board, many members thought their MFGG account was suspended. The mainsite came back on September 1, 2007.