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Awesome Game of the Day, also known as Awesome Game of the Week are a series of topics in the PPP where ShadowMan posts an "Awesome game of the day/week" on a daily or weekly basis depending. These games tend to have low system requirements, be freeware (So therefore completely free), not made in a game-making program such as TGF, MMF or Game Maker, and obviously, awesome.

Games Posted

First Awesome Game Of the Week Period

(in no particular order)

Awesome Game Of the Day Period

A screenshot of the first level of FlashBack, one of the more popular Awesome games

Second Awesome Game Of the Week Period

(A lot of these require DosBox to play).

Despite this there have been numerous other games posted in these topics, mainly from members such as Elly. There have also been unofficial Awesome Game of the Week topics by other mods/admins.

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