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A thumbnail version of Ashura's character, Marty the Nivram.
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Aliases: Ashura, M.A.R.S, Nexues, Red Vandom, Bobafett X
Real name: Marvin Torres
Interests: Animation
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Ashurasonic isn't the most memorable MFGGer in existence, but he has proven to show himself likeable. Ashurasonic is neither hated nor liked, he is usually treated indifferently. Ashurasonic tends to write diligently.

Ashurasonic first appeared in December of 2003. Instead of making a decent reputation for his own sake, he would prefer to spam. He used to behave like a troll by posting shocking material or annoying others. At MFGG, he originally acted homosexual by having a signature featuring a censored and cropped cover page of a humanized sonic doujinishi, and by expressing his "love" for Vaan from Final Fantasy 12. Because he trolled in other forums, he was either kicked out or lost interest in other community-based websites before appearing at MFGG.

An example of RelmM's art

However, MFGG's opening of the arts board in 2004 drastically changed his reputation as a whole. Receiving positive responses to his drawings and his potential from other members, he then returned to the arts board to post more art. He decided to stay at MFGG and not troll because he felt enlightened to post his art. As a result of hearing such praise, he became compassionate to other members. When he first posted his art on 2004, He impressed many with his rather exceptional skills when compared with his age. He even won several drawing competitions. He began correcting his own grammar errors and he tried to stay on topic because he did not want to ruin his reputation there. As a result, his reputation gradually increased from being annoying to being indifferent.

Ashurasonic is not the type of member who makes huge contributions to the community. He used to promise such contributions to help MFGG, but has failed to provide them.

Ashura is very compassionate; He cares about the sake of other members, and he tries to understand any situation they are in. However, he is also very Rash, coming up with quick, sometimes mindless conclusions. He is also very modest, looking down upon his art; some members incorrectly viewed his modest opinion of his art as a way to garner pity from others. No matter what situation he is in though, he is usually happy to chat with others.

He does have a minor accomplishment list. He has done art requests in the past, and has drawn member Duckboy numerous times. He has done a fakemon collection, which gained positive reviews. He is well-known for his blue sketches and his favorite coloring program is OpenCanvas. He did make a game entitled "Super Mario Blast" around 2003, however it was only a demo that received only average reviews.

His name was based of an obscure sonic glitch, which he used straight out of text to create his username. It has been his own personal screenname since 2000. He has a rather limited array of friends. He enjoys goofing off with other members as entertainment; for instance, contributing to "MFGG lost the ****ers" by drawing female member Madam Ki in schoolgirl outfits. Because of his lust for goofy behavior, He has no plans to create any serious relationship in the future. He loves to draw as a hobby, and has learned to improve his drawing skills.

He loves platformers; Ironically joining a Mario based discussion forum, He widely prefers Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Daxter to Mario. He is interested in technology and has a planned career that involves computers. He is not interested in pursuing an art career.

As a result of growing up, Ashurasonic has no plans to do something huge to MFGG and focuses on his future.

On November 5th 2007, he had finally announced his departure. He explained his departure as a beginning of a quest for self-identity in the real world. His departure was final, and it did not specify when he will return, but hinted "it will be for a long time". Even after departing, Ashurasonic still visits MFGG, but rarely so. Although he returned, he posts much less now. Ashura was a mod for the arts board from March 2008 to December 2008.

Fakemon Collection

Beginning on March 23rd, 2007, Ashurasonic unveiled a new project: to create a brand new generation of Pokémon. On July 8th, 2007, Ashurasonic has completed the huge fakemon collection, posting 123 sketches of new Pokémon. It was one of Ashurasonic's biggest projects, and he is very proud of completing it.

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