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Aliases: Unknown
Real name: Unknown
Interests: Fangaming
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An oldbie on the forums, best known for creating Mario: Pipe Network.

Anther's tail is said to have gone missing in the past.

The Disappearing Act

Anther's a huge community drifter, due to a bizarre interest in mastering a product or skill, and then moving on to the next big thing. It's not intentional but it appears to be a sort of pattern that can be followed for this elusive guy that's always available on AIM. After losing his first online chat community of Gooey, he began to drift the internet without anchor. He currently resides pretty heavily in the competitive Smash Bros Community.

Fangaming History

Back as early as probably 2001, Anther made his first true encounter with the Fangaming world. It was a fangame called "Pokemon Online" (POL) being developed by Konidias of Bulbagarden's Mysterious Garden forums. Anther began by spriting mediocre character sprites for POL, but quickly began to make extremely likable sprites and became a favorite for sprite requests. He then began to dabble with The Games Factory, which Konidias was using to develop POL until Koni himself declared the program too limited and moved on with life.

Anther continued to program in TGF for several months, creating lots of interesting online engines, and creating things a little bit beyond the grasp of most beginners due to his love of research. Eventually he started development of a particularly visionless online Mario game, and bumped into the early MFGG. He joined the Ezboard community a bit awkwardly but quickly made friends with Kyle, Quickman, and several others. He remained active up until after developing the first Mario Pipe Network, and getting sidetracked by Starcraft.

From Programming to Programing

Being a huge video game fan, playing Starcraft opened up a lot of doors in his mind to the purpose of gaming. Never before had practicing a game become mandatory and fun, while all the while having an expansive community to communicate and relate to when gaming needed a break. He became a relatively infamous Zerg player among several Starcraft communities for playing a rather unorthodox but effective Zerg Style. Anther was also a maphacker, though he was never was officially caught. However, he knew it was morally wrong to play a game such a way, and quit after 8 months straight of cheating. Eventually, he got good at the game without cheating and revealed it to his posse. They accepted him regardless because he's a great guy, and life was well.

The end of competitive gaming..

Around the time that Warcraft III came out, there was a divide in the Starcraft community. Anther's computer sucked, couldn't run the game very well, wasted $50, anger.

Back to MFGG

Anther made another gracious return to MFGG during the Summer of 2004. He became a very active poster and helped out and learned more about game programming. He also had a new outlook on games and believed that deep down, everyone has fun playing video games that may have ridiculous learning potential... and maybe a hint of devastating difficulty. Thus began the development of Mario Pipe Network (somewhat...). 2 Months later, Pipe Network was born, and most loved it. Anther then went to college September of 2004, and hasn't really programmed fangames steadily since.


What happened after that? ... Girlfriend?!... Breakup... Same Girlfriend again...!.... More Breakups... Lots of interesting life learnings... Stuff...!

Smash Bros Melee. Kinda.

Competitive gaming became an interest to Anther once again. After getting his Pikachu barely beaten by a Sheik main friend in Super Smash Bros Melee over and over again, Anther began an investigation as to why this was happening. Anther then went to Gamefaqs and learned that Sheik was supposedly the best character in the game, while Pikachu was one of the worst. But at the same time learned that much of the playing they did was rather undeveloped smash in comparison to how competitive players played the game. Time passed, Anther made friends with Smashers at his college, and began a rampage of creativeness with Pikachu. He eventually made a name for himself by releasing a Combo Video titled: Teh Rudechu. A very successful Pikachu combo video. Eventually Anther became good enough to be considered one of the best Smashers in the State of Michigan, and has recently placed in the top 25 at a 200+ participant tournament Pound 3 in Maryland using almost exclusively Pikachu.