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Alpha Six

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Aliases: Tyvon
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Alpha Six, also known widely as Tyvon, is a fairly controversial member on the MFGG forums. He was warned several times during the time Mecha the Slag was a mod, and according to some people, had unfair punishments. He was 7% warned for quoting slow_clap.gif, which caused him to get pushed to 100% and get year banned. Many people thought this was unfair, and he was told that the mods were trying to unban him, but there were "technical difficulties" getting him unbanned. This was a lie, however, to keep people quiet about his ban. He was unbanned on June 8, 2010, as he showed interest in coming back to MFGG and the then current moderation saw how unfair his warns were. He has been warn free ever since.

Alpha Six also owns and operates the indie gaming site "PixelxCore," along with Nystre, and is actively working as a pixel artist on several indie projects. He also previously moderated the Spriter's Resource community.