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Interests: Playing games, and stopping Spammers.
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Ah2190 is an MFGGer who joined after helping out with NCFC 2011's Livestream.



Before finding out about NCFC 2011 through the Another Metroid 2 Remake forums, Adam was relatively unknown, having only worked on one project that had an alpha demo of sorts. That was the old alpha of Mario Galactic Defenders, which he had been working on while at collage, but due to events during that time, he ended up losing the source code for it.

Helping out with the NCFC Livestream

When Adam discovered the fact that the NCFC had a Livestream, he couldn't help but check on it. And, when he found out that he could help by streaming games live on it, he jumped on board, and helped to stream playthroughs of Danger, Bob-omb! Danger! - Handle with Care, Earthbound 3 and Four Swords Online, while at the same time preparing his own fangame. And, at the end of NCFC 2011, he not only streamed the awards ceremony, but then followed up with a tease of the project that he was working on: Mario RPG: Time Twisted.

Early days on MFGG

During the first few months of joining Mario Fan Games Galaxy, Adam started to get involved, entering some of the competitions. However, when taking part in the 13th Minigame Competition, he ended up falling out with fellow-competitor moonrat, with the two of them attacking each others minigames. In the end, both of them were disqualified, even though Adam had apologised for his behaviour towards moonrat. But this didn't deter him from carrying on with improving his entry, Mario: Wind Walkers. When the 15th Minigame Competition ended up being 'non-completed', he asked Guinea if he could be able to set up the next competition, as he had a good idea for the theme. Guinea accepted this offer, and so Adam was able to set the first contest of 2012 into motion. He has also helped with getting the voting started with different contests, sometimes even posting a vote tally to allow people to see what the current standings are, although Guinea has suggested that he ease off a little with regards to this. He also has been known to tinker a bit with the wiki to try and make it better, but not always with success. He also doesn't like spammers, so much so that he even created his own (unofficial and unsanctioned) guide to spotting spammers as well as a custom template that he uses when a spammer's actions falls under one (or more) of the points that his guide has stated. He even once took things too far, which ended up with a chewing out by Guinea about what he just did.

List of games reviewed

Adam has reviewed only 1 game so far. When he reviews, he gives each of the categories - Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Replay - a rating out of 10, before averaging them to get his final score for the game, on a scale of 0 to 10 Stars. Click on a game's Final Score to link to the review.

Name of Game - Final Score (Ratings for Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Replay respectively)


" But why shouldn't one touch it? ...wait, does he smite them with lightning or a Hammer? In which case, I'm not going to even dare touch it. "

— After first hearing about Thunder Dragon's Statue, he thought bad things happen if someone touches it. He wasn't far from the truth, either.

" Now that's it. I'm calling fowl play on the whole contest. True, I somewhat caused some of it, but you've left me with no other choice, moonrat. "

— Sometimes, you have to call in the big guns, even if it would spell doom for oneself. And that is what he did after this.

" I erected it just after you left the staff of MFGG, but I was keeping it a secret. "

— It's a shame that you had to place your DJ Yoshiman statue deep underground after this little bending of MFGG Canon.

" Well, that's a major bummer. Plus, hardly any entries after nearly TWO weeks shows how difficult this theme is to follow. Especially with the standard rule-set. "

— Indeed, the Boss Rush theme was a bad one, and Guinea ended up saying so himself.


— This seems to be a phrase that popped up often during the award ceremony for the 2011 MFGG Awards, and all thanks to some incorrect guesses.


  • Adam has sometimes been known for saying things that can be taken the wrong way. Often, after being called out on it, (mainly by Guinea) he'll eventually apologise and/or explain what he really meant.
  • Adam often greets new people to MFGG by telling them "do not touch Thunder Dragon's Statue; do not make a statue of anyone within 500km of Thunder Dragon's statue; and try and join in with the competitions." The first part is part of MFGG canon, the second part references his 'bending' of the canon, and how he averted it, and the final part is said to encourage new members to join the competitions. Not that it always works, mind.
  • Of the three (or four) competitions he has entered, he only made it to the final five once - and that because there was only four entries in total. Of the remaining entries, one was disqualified due to arguing with another contestant, (although he could had made the final five otherwise) another didn't count as it was submitted too late to be counted and another one, although he did state that it wasn't an entry as such, didn't count as it was made before the competition even began.
  • Adam's "D'OH, I MISSED!", which was said quite a bit during the 2011 MFGG Awards, is a reference to The Runaway Guys' Mario Party Playthrough, where whenever Wario (who was played by the CPU on some of the boards) ends up with a bad fate that causes him to say "D'oh I missed", Chuggaaconroy would repeat it.