Age Restriction

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In order to provide a seemingly fair excuse to ban the least intelligent of members, a restriction against registrants under 11 years of age was placed. Any registrants who were found to be in violation of this restriction were banned until they reached the appropriate age.

"Please read fully and check the 'I agree' ONLY if you agree to the terms of service and you claim to be at or over the age of 11. All registrants found under this age may be suspended until they are of age."

Because some promising members were being forced off the board as soon as they had signed up and posted a topic to introduce themselves, a suggestion topic was posted and it protested against the bans. It was concluded that the restriction be removed since a rule against "stupidity" already exists and the restriction is not actually a part of the terms of service. As a result, one of the members was banned until they were of age had their ban removed, but may now post freely on the boards.

This age restriction was put back into place later that morning and the age restriction was bumped up to 13 and over because there had been confusion with the law as explained by COPPA.

Shortly after it was discovered that the information from COPPA was misinterpreted and the restriction was withdrawn once again.