Admin CP

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The Admin Control Panel (admin CP) is a feature of the forums and site that only the Administrators (Or in the site's case Staff Members) can access. They are used to effectively run MFGG.

Forum Admin CP

The forum Admin CP allows the administrators to change the board settings (Skins, layout etc.). It can only be accessed by those who have admin powers, so the moderators cannot access it either.

Site Admin CP

The site admin CP allows the administrators and staff members to access the site's moderation queue so that content can be controlled. It was updated with MFGG 2.0 to allow further options, including a message system.

Other CPs

As well as the admin CPs, moderators can access a Mod CP, which allows them to moderate forums easier. Also, every member has their own CP that allows the change of avatars/signatures and skin settings, along with the personal message system.

Both the admin CPs have access to the Admin Notepad.