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Adan is another forum member. He has had two past accounts before LemmyBoy and Lemmyboy 2. He is known primarily for the cancellation of numerous fan games and has been greatly disliked because of this. He has been banned once for flaming another fangaming forum.

Current Status

Adan as of now seems to be not as frequent around the forums as before. Most of the time stopping by the Pointless Post Palace or General Discussion. He has registered a booth at the NCFC Convention.

William is no longer very active in the fangaming scene. He's still semi-active on Minus World, however, where he primarily dispenses and asks for assistance in the MW equivalent of the Help! board. As a philosophical anarchist, William is a strong advocate of free markets and civil liberties and opposes government censorship and surveillance programs.

Past Criticism

Adan has been notorious for spamming the Fangame Discussion with countless "Lookie at my new game!" topics. These "games" are usually scrapped within days. So far, since his previous ban, Adan has been keeping off of the Fangame Discussions, a relief for many.

Current Projects

The Super Mario 3D engine, Click Here to see Is an example of 3D-ish effects on The Games Factory.

  • Super Mario World 3

A game currently in production. Chances are, that it may use the 3D engine at some point in the game.

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