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Before MFGG

In 2002, a new evil entered the Internet for the first time. Its name was Asia, who eventually took on the name *A-chana* (yes, asteriks) by 2003. She was a stereotypical Mary-Sue-writing, overly hyper, script-format-loving n00b who was somehow never flamed, making her think she was actually cool. Her dreams were shattered when the first two chapters of a story she had written were rejected on strict rule, yet the third was accepted, destroying the entire effect of the story. A-chana went into hiatus, and never returned to the site except for two or three occasions. She later learned her best friend there had left the site, the last PM she ever got from her being something the the effect of "Hey? Where are you? Hellooooooo... *wind passes by, echoes*".

A-chana became more intelligent after these events. She began joining message boards. What truly helped her mature was when she registered for the Koopatorivm in 2003-04 and saw the general maturity of its members. She has only kept improving, discarding most of the Mary Sue qualities of her Internet persona and her characters. However, she can easily be emotionally attached to things, and thus kept many Sueish traits. She has an affinity for half-breeds, presumably from her half-Filipino background. This is shown in her catgirl persona and her main RP character, who is half-Paragoomba.

Killz and Skillz

Also during 2004, A-chana joined MFGG -- she believes she found it from a link from Cammiluna. She idled occasionally, returning briefly to fits of laughter over a new fad and the DxA fiasco, the latter of which seemed to die off after a long hiatus from her. And if DxA were to return, it would be very illogical; see Recent Life for more info. Eventually, she went on a VERY long break from MFGG, almost slipping away from everyone's minds. Almost.

A-chana is not particularly skilled in spriting. Only a few times has she actually sprited; and she's much better at edits than making sprites from scratch. She lacks the proper utilities for movies or games, and while her drawings are well-liked, she has no scanner and her digital camera is horrid. However, her remedy to that is uploading the picture of the drawing into MSPaint and redoing all the lines (but in white), then setting the attributes to black and white, inverting the colors, and setting it back to colors and coloring it all in. The retracing part is very tedious, though, made worse by a worn-down mouse and horrid hand-eye coordination.

Her writing, though vastly improved from her early days, still leaves something to be desired at times. There are snippets of old fanfics lying around the web, although she'd rather not have you go look for them.

Recent Life and Gaming Info

She is still rather eccentric -- but no longer claims the identity of "Chosen of Light and Sugar who helps save the world alongside videogame heroes and makes the underdog her wuv slave". Her character is a sarcastic catgirl who attacks at the drop of a hat, doing nothing to help the world or indirectly destroying it. Her slaves are no longer for sexual or romantic purposes, but rather to GET THEIR BUTTS IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE HER SOME POPCORN.

Recently, A-chana has returned to find out that things haven't changed much, although the people posting have. She doesn't post nearly as much as she used to, but still retains the same attitude from long ago, except less violent. As stated earlier, DxA wouldn't make any sense anymore; A-chana made an online boyfriend during her hiatus, and he didn't even go to MFGG. However, on August 8th, 2006, they broke up due to long distance more or less killing them on the inside. They still remain friends, though, and A-chana keeps hope that, if they ever manage to live close to each other, they can give love another chance.

She still plays MapleStory, despite the claims that "MapleStory sucks". Both of her characters, a level 3x Page named TxSLovekid and a level 2x Beginner named EishaMuru, are in Bera. She also finally got Animal Crossing: Wild World, although only a few people have ever visited her town so far. To prevent random idiots adding her, her friend code is withheld, although her current sig contains it. However, her name is Asia, and her town is Sasako, a nod to a (non-MFGG) RP.