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The Isometric Collaboration idea was first introduced to the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums in May 2006 by SNF. Members could reserve up to 3 squares at any given time on an isometric grid created by one member. The eventual goal was to fill the entire three-dimensional array to create a single largescale pixelart image. The first collaboration, which didn't ever get completed, was pretty much random and unorganized. After that, each Collaboration was given a general theme which all participants had to work with, such as a single game from the Super Mario series. In such a case, the tiles could only use the palette from that particular game.


Collab #1: Super Mario Brothers 3

Beginnings and so forth

The first project's outline

The idea of having a theme was thought up by SNF who completely stopped work on the first attempt to start another more organized one. This resulted in much more participation and interest. It used a layout borrowed from another website. It was started on May 6, 2006. When it started it appeared SNF would handle updating the overall grid and color matching. However soon Artee took over for several days. Later, Mario Gamer took over for Artee and continued the task of updating the main page for the rest of the project. It was finally finished on May 16th, ten days after production started.


One of the main problems was keeping the palette correct. Due to some using Internet Explorer the image darkened thus screwing up every tile. However the effects often didn't appear until one was done with their tile. This was solved by Artee recoloring the incorrect squares.

Another problem occurred when SonicProject claimed a square that had already been taken. However , he made his tile before checking the topic again which then led to an argument. SNF and Artee both could not find a place for his tile since it had no blending on it and looked out of place. The issue was finally solved three days later, when a border was added to it. The controversial tile currently sits in spot #9.

Staggy11 actually did 107, 108 and 109. But he pulled them off himself later feeling they did nothing for the collaboration.


  • Banana Head was the first to finish a square.
  • Toni was the last to finish a square.
  • There is a "MFGG" hidden in one of the squares.
  • Shyguy's kart from Paper Mario is in there for some odd reason.
  • The "M" graffiti tag from Super Mario Sunshine is also in there.
  • There are nine Marios, and four Luigis. While only one Princess and one Toad.

Collab #2: Super Mario World

Slow beginnings

The second project's outline

After a poll was held Super Mario World was chosen as the next theme for the new Iso Collab. However a new layout had to be made since another one could not be found where the first one was. Banana Head was the creator of the winning design. Production soon started on May 20th, 2006. Mario Gamer continued as "Project Manager", though quitting for a short period of time. He later rejoined when the idea of matching palettes at the end was though of by Black Squirrel.

The collab was finally finished on July 17th, 2006, just three days shy of two months and 6 times longer then the first one. A vote was held and Super Mario RPG was decided as the next theme.


The main problem of this collab is empty space. Many sides and mountain only have the basic background of Mario World and nothing interesting. The main reason is probably the theme of Mario World isn't as broad as Super Mario Bros 3.

There are two spaces with the number 21 on the map.

Another problem that has come up was when SonicProject's tile was not added for being flat and not in the correct palette. After it was decided that there would not be a set palette it was added with some adjustments by Kramer the Bird.


  • Raccoon Sam was the first to "finish" a tile, however he's added much to it since posting it and therefore Shaw was actually first.
  • Mario Gamer was last to finish a square
  • Again, there is a hidden "MFGG" in one of the squares.
  • There are six Marios, and seven Luigis, while only one Bowser, one Peach and four Yoshis (one being ridden by Mario). There are three Koopalings, as opposed to the lone Morton in the first collaboration. Oddly enough, Five of those Luigis appear to be falling off of something, or attempting to climb up.
  • Lee mixed characters from the cartoon and the comic into the collab.
  • Mario Gamer set a record with 27 squares, which is one fourth of the entire collab.

Collab #3: Mario Kart, Super Mario RPG, Games

Beginnings or lack therefore of

The third project's outline that changed during the course of three parts

SNF created the third iso and labeled it as a Mario Kart theme. Since this was before the second was completed, it caused an uproar which led to a discussion of the subject matter. The Mario Kart iso was closed without any entries. SNF later created a poll for the next collab which came out with Super Mario RPG. However, it's slow progress led to Citrus stepping up to make another iso from scratch, which was simply labeled games. The project's third iteration went underway on August 6th, 2006. While the theme was popular with most, it was criticized for being too broad. It proved successful until the later tiles, where it became less and less popular due to the way the project had become. Lack of quality control in some areas had made the project look a little shoddy and many games were unable to blend in well due to their settings. Many tiles also didn't try to break the grid. Several tiles were cut and others called in to replace them. The project was finally completed almost 16 months later on November 25th after some blending by Mario Gamer and Shadowman.


  • This collab has the biggest amount of tiles.
  • Tri was the first to finish three tiles.
  • Due to being completed over the course of 3 parts, this project has the biggest number of contributors out of the three collaborations.
  • There have been had 3 different leaders over the course of the project: Citrus, Shaw, and Dragmire.
  • This collaboration introduced "letter tiles". During the course of the three parts, the topic makers removed some of the tiles because of quality control. Because of that, some of the numbers of the tiles were lost, therefore making the topic makers have to rename them so members could say what tile they wanted.
  • The collab took 477 days or 1 year, 3 months and 20 days to complete. Almost 48 times longer then the first collab.
  • There are 9 Games mentioned related to the Mario series.
  • The Games mentioned in the collab are: Advance Wars, Animal Crossing, Balloon Fight, Bomberman, Bubble Bobble, Burger Time, Castlevania, Cave Story, Commander Keen, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong 3, Donkey Kong: King of Swing, Doom, Dr. Mario, Duck Hunt, EarthBound, Excite Bike, Final Fantasy, Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, Katamari Damacy, Kid Icarus, Kirby's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Lyle in the Cube Sector, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Mario Party, Megaman, Metroid, Pac Man, Pokémon, Pong, Portal, Prince of Persia, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Space Invaders, Star Fox, StarTropics, Street Fighter II, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, Super Mario RPG, Super Monkey Ball, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Tetris.
The 4th Collaboration's outline, Mario Gamer's old layout for the 3rd Collab

Collab #4: Yoshi's Island

Fast Beginnings

After a small debate between Super Mario Galaxy and Yoshi's Island (the latter winning), the project started on November 25th, 2007, the same day the third isometric collab was completed. The old layout was a previous version of the third collaboration, created by Mario Gamer. YoshbotX000 stepped up to lead the project. The project remained fairly popular until about slightly past halfway where it was lost and presumed dead in the depths of the CCC.


After around 20 months, Fender reposted the collab here with the promise to draw everyone who added at least one tile. 11 days later, on August 8th, 2009, the fourth isometric collab was finally complete.


  • This collaboration took 621 days, or 1 year, 9 months, and 15 days to complete.
  • This is currently the slowest collaboration to be completed
  • There are 7 Yoshis.
  • Sword was first to finish a tile, though it had been moved and edited.
  • Nyafall was last to finish a tile.
Jazz's outline for 5th Isometric Collaboration.

Collab #5: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Beginnings, and Revival

During and after completion of the fourth collab, the next one was decided to be M&L:SS. After a few early SMG designs from Mario Gamer, Jazz, now project manager, made the design himself and started the collab on August 9th, 2009. Only 2 weeks into the collaboration, progress came to a halt. About 11 months later, Jazz revived the unfinished collaboration after deleting a couple tiles that lacked quality. As motivation for participation, Jazz offered all who submit at least 2 tiles a forum event badge as an incentive. It was finally finished on September 13, 2010, after more than 13 months.


  • This collaboration took 392 days, or 1 year, 1 month, and 4 days to complete.
  • Croshi was first to finish a tile, three to be exact.
  • McKnackus I did the most tiles, 38 to be exact. This sets the current record for most amount of tiles done.
  • McKnackus I was also the person to finish the last tile.
  • After this collab was finished, McKnackus I was named leader of Iso Collabs, and has the power to control any future Iso Collab.
  • There are 7 Marios and 6 Luigis.

Collab #6: Fangames

Beginning and Revival

This collab was started in December 8, 2012 by Vitiman and CatezeeY.

After being 5 months in hiatus. CatezeeY revived it back in September 28, 2013. This collab was finished on September 29, 2013, 1 day after it's revival.
CatezeeY's outline for 6th Isometric collaboration.


  • This collaboration took 295 days, or 9 months and 21 days.
  • Mit was first to claim and finish a tile, three to be exact.
  • Mit was also the person to finish the last tile.
  • Friendly Dictator did most tiles, 10 to be exact. The current record is 38, set by McKnackus in the previous Isometric Collab.
  • The game that has more tiles is Mushroom Patrol: The Midas Machine.
  • Mario appears 25 times on the collab.
  • A few MFGGers appear on the bottom-left corner of the collab.
  • This collab is the first to have a tile with a different perspective.

Completed Collaborations


Isometric Collab #1
Super Mario Bros. 3


Isometric Collab #2
Super Mario World


Isometric Collab #3


Isometric Collab #4
Yoshi's Island

Iso Collab 5.png

Isometric Collab #5
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Iso6 transparent.png

Isometric Collab #6


Unofficial Collabs

In July 2006, there was also a minor collaboration "Unofficial Isometric Collaboration 1" Featuring Peanut Gardens. Started by Raccoon Sam This was never finished, and lies deep in the PPP. Several other unnofficial collabs have been started since, but these have proven even more unsuccessful.

The most successful Unofficial Collaboration was the Isometric Mr. T collab started by ShadowMan. This is because it was stickied in the PPP so that it wouldn't get lost, a problem most PPP collabs have.

A GameBoy isometric collaboration was started by Parakarry and an "awesome" one by Nova during November 2007. Neither collabs proved to be successful, although surprisingly the GameBoy one was more popular despite the "awesome" one being stickied in the CCC. The GameBoy collaboration thread can be found

In December 2009, Jazz created Sprite Competition #174 - "Isometric Collaboration Mini". The idea was to have many members create at least 3 tiles in their own mini isometric collaboration.

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